Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Catchin' Up

I've missed y'all! But it has been a BEAR of a month! Some good, some bad, all busy. After spendin' last week with the Floozie, I had to come home to rest up.

The first week, y'all already know I was down in Killeen. I blogged about that before I left to go to Mizzou. I arrived at Flo's Monday, the 8th. I had left home about noon, and after a few stops on the road for gas, to put the top up on the car after the sun went down [along with the temp] and one for food, I rolled into her driveway around 10:30. Of course we stayed up talkin' til about midnight.

Tuesday mornin' found me accompanyin' her to her usual Curves class. Then we set out with the gals for a shopping trip to Hannah's Hobby Shop. This place is in a CAVE. It's part of a whole complex of shops and offices. It's was a bit disorienting, though. The air pressure or the constant hum of the generators, something gave me a bit of a headache. Getting back above ground, cleared it right up. I did manage to shop just fine, however. Got a present for my Grands. It'll help them keep track of the days until Christmas. Yeah, like a couple of kids really need help with THAT! To rebuild our strength after all that shopping and laughing with the Curves gals, Flo and I went to have lunch at Fazoli's with her friend Carol, whom I had met before and her [Flo's] Mom, Margaret. I got to meet Flo's Sister Lisa and another friend, Nancy, too.
Nancy was a hoot! She used to work with Carol but is retired and lives in Denver now. She travels a LOT. She also has a wicked sense of humor. We played off of each other like we'd been friends for years. After lunch, Flo took us to Doc's. I have never had Ice Cream so good in my life. Not here at home at Beth Marie's, not homemade ice cream, not Blue Belle, not anywhere have I had Ice Cream to equal the perfection of Doc's! Then we did some MORE shopping. I got some handmade soaps. And we all got some really cutey towels with pithy sayings on them. I'm keepin' the one that says, "I UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPTS OF COOKING AND CLEANING, JUST NOT AS THEY APPLY TO ME!" And I may keep the one that says, "I'll have a cup of Cafe Mocha Vodka Valium Latte, to go, please". Angel Baby Girl and LaP...y'all are gettin' one, too.

Wednesday was Tequila Harry's for Mexican Food and Margaritas after Carol and Nancy came out to Flo's house. Nancy had never seen Flo's Dream House. I kid y'all not. Her KSA [Knight in Shining Armor] helped build this house that Flo had been planning for years. Every room has some kind of special feature to it, but probably her favorite room is her Master Suite. She has a double-sided fireplace between her shiatsu garden tub and her "pouting" room. There's also a fireplace in the bedroom. Her walk-in closet is absolutely to die for, with shoe racks, double racks, long racks and wrap-around shelves.It's also bigger than her husband's closet.
After Nancy sees the Master Suite, and all the matching linens and furnishings, she looks at Flo and asks, "Who made YOU Queen?"
Those of you who know the history of my friendship with Flo are laughin' your butts off right about now, those of you not in the know, trust me, it was a MasterCard Moment!
After lunch, Flo, Carol and I headed over to Kansas and the Nebraska Furniture Outlet in KSA's farm truck. Something y'all should know about me, I never met a clearance section I didn't love. I came out with two chairs I was afraid I would have to drive home topless with in order for them to fit in the car. Flo said she could make them fit AND get my top to close. She was right. Good thing, too. I'll explain, later.

Thursday, we hung out with KSA for a while. Flo indulged me by letting me take her and KSA to IHOP for lunch. I'd been dying to try those cream cheese filled crepes. So she and I had those. Then we went home and KSA played with his dump truck and I made Flo some deviled eggs.

Friday was Breakfast! Flo has a group of friends she has breakfast with on Fridays. I had been to this divine b'fast before so I knew what to expect. I had a hot cinnamon roll and an order of bacon. Carol and Flo laughed. Turns out that is one of Flo's favs! Who knew? Then we went home and I made Flo a peach cobbler. After I was finished, I told her it was my first peach cobbler. She didn't believe me. I explained that the theory is the same whether you're makin' cherry, blackberry, or peach. It's the crust that Really matters.

Saturday, I tried again to pay KSA for gettin' my flat tire fixed. This had been an ongoing task since Tuesday. He had taken my tire in when he took his dump truck in to get new front tires. He maintained they fixed my tire for $1.37 since he had bought two tires. So, I finally let it go in trade for some hand lotion he liked and the promise of a steak dinner when they come visit NYE.
It was thunderboomin' when we had all rolled out of bed Saturday mornin'. I kept puttin' off packin' since I didn't want to leave in the middle of a thunderstorm and heavy rain. KSA went and checked the radar report on the 'puter. The storm was about an hour of passin' over and the rain was slackenin' off. So I got packed and loaded. Sure enough, those chairs DID fit in the back seat, upside down, and the top fit over them with a couple of inches to spare. So now I have replacements for the two chairs that got broken last year and nobody will have to sit on the sofa and eat off the coffee table at Thanksgiving. Hurray! And, I saved a bunch o'bucks.

So, now y'all know what's been goin' on with me! What's been goin' on with y'all?


Ambulance Driver said...

Sounds like on heckuva trip!

I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. ;)

Kate said...

Yup, I'm definitely jealous! Sounds like you had a blast!

g bro said...

"What a long, strange trip it's been." Sounds like the trip was positive after the Killeen "adventures".
On our end, the house is now Kennebunkport green (ISYN; you know that galled me, but the first coat of Sherwood green looked like mint ice cream). The Mrs. now has a pergola (I had to look it up; it's not contagious and it's not fatal). The gutters are clean and there's a hole in the roof. (!) So that's what's up with a Houston y'all.

Chris said...


Love the blog and wish I could have joined you on your errands! I really miss Texas since I'm in Iraq. (That's saying a lot for a Connecticut boy who grew up on the coast!)

Best wishes,


phlegmfatale said...

Sounds like you had a blast, and I'm so glad. I'm also glad you're back in our neck of the woods. OOOOH, towel prezzie!!! Can't wait to see what pithy saying is emblazoned on mine. Good stuff!