Saturday, October 06, 2007

She LIVES!!!

Thank you ALL for your solicitous and caring comments. I hope those of you who are also suffering during this gawdawful season are doing better by now, too.

I got some good medicine for the sneezing and sniffling, but about 3day into taking that, my dry cough got MUCH worse. It got so bad, that I sounded like I was trying to cough up a lung. Except nuttin' came out, up, or was otherwise produced. I just laid on the couch and moaned all of that week. Except for the times I'd prop myself up and try to have a productive cough.

Monday, I called the Doc's office. They could barely understand my hoarse voice when I asked for some cough medicine. But at least I HAD a voice. The Fabulous LaP came up so I could give her her B'day present. She said I reminded her of the way she sounded when she'd had the oldmonia. But, I've had that before, so I KNEW it wasn't that.
Anyway, when I picked up the non-codeine cough syrup, I knew it must be some kinda kick-ass stuff 'cause the directions said to "take 1 TEAspoon every 12 hours as needed." It worked. I slept through the night for the first time in 3 days.

I went down to Killeen Tuesday because Mom had some Dr. appointments on Wednesday and Thursday over at Scott & White. She doesn't like to drive over to Temple by herself anymore and I had promised to drive her last month. So, sick as I was, I went. A Promise is a Promise. Turns out she had asked my Bad Bro to go with her on Wednesday as well! But it's just as well that I went,too. He was giving the Docs [Mom had 2 app'ts. Wed.] some misinformation that was making Mom look less than competent. And she was just passively sitting there, not correcting him. So I spoke up, told the docs MY take on the situation. Bad Bro looked upset with me, but he didn't correct me. I have a suspicion that BadBro has been planting seeds of discord with Mom against GoodBro, LittleBro and me. I also found out that he has had Mom add him as a co-owner and signatory to her financial accounts. As he has been fiscally irresponsible with his OWN money in the past, this does not bode well for Mom's financial security.

Thursday, it was just Mom and me with two different Docs, but it didn't go too well either. I told Mom, "I promised Daddy that I would look after you, and that's all I've been trying to do. All four of your kids, not just me, think the Doctor you have now is not treating you correctly. He over medicates you, and he doesn't follow up on the medicines he prescribes for you to see if they are working properly. You been having a problem with ____ and ____ for 3 years and he has not asked you how the medicine is working. He didn't ask you about your weight loss [she's lost 70 pounds over 3 yrs]. He hasn't asked you about your balance problems. He has just totally dropped the ball in so many areas of your health care, Mom that all of us are concerned about you. But, if you don't want my help, that's fine. Because I certainly don't need this stress. The next time you have a fall, Good Bro or Little Bro can arrange your care since you don't want my help. Because if you keep seeing Doc Incompetent, that will happen sooner or later." And I sat down, shut up and waited for the Specialist I had arranged for her to see to come back in the room so I could tell him she didn't want to see him after all.

What I wanted to say, and didn't was... When Bad Bro has slapped you in a Nursing Home, I'll come visit you more than the once/month I do now. Because that's what he's angling for. He tried to get her to move out of her house two years ago. His plan was that He and his "wife" would pay for her to live in an apartment, and THEY would move into her house and "take care of it" along with her two teenage sons. Care to guess how the other Bros and I reacted to that gem of an idea? Now that I see the shithole of an apartment they have HER mother in, I know even more what a lousy idea it was.

So, between being physically sick and then going through the emotional wringer... I haven't felt much like bloggin'. I'm leaving Monday to go up and visit with the Floozie in Mizzousi, so I bet I do better next week.


Kate said...

Ah, geez, Holly, I'm sorry to hear that stuff about BadBro. Does your Mom believe in him so much that she won't listen to the rest of you? I had care of my elderly aunt as power of attorney, but her lawyers were the problem, telling her that I didn't need to be informed of anything because I was out of state...and when I ended up being needed, then they declared her incompetant to sign the papers giving me the ability to do what I needed to in order to pay her bills, etc. Have you and your other sibs thought about contacting an atty. to establish guardianship?

You're going to go see Flo? Oh, I'm jealous!

g bro said...

That is el sucko grande. There seems to be one total jerk, selfish bastard or scheming psycho in every family. Luckily, I'm that in mine, so I don't have to worry. ;-)
In a bizarro parallel world, my B-i-L tried for years to get my M-i-L to move in with them. Finally she did. But her own psycho daughter did nothing while she lived there, leaving it all up to her husband to take care of her. Meanwhile, S-i-L pillaged Mom's credit cards and what little money she had, then arranged to bilk my Mrs. out of any proceeds from the little row house in the city after Mom died. So when S-i-L falls off the wagon and scares herself to death, who does she call? You guessed it - her sister, my Mrs.

SpeakerTweaker said...

I'm glad you're starting to feel better. We were getting worried about you!

I'd chip in my two cents worth, having the same "one in every family" in my family (actually, it's nearly an entire sect of my family. Can you say drugs with a capital D?). The sad damn thing here is that it's starting to sound like we're all telling a slightly different version of the same story.

I'm glad it's just me and Elder Brother. When our folks get to the age where we've got to deal with health issues, etc., I'm not too worried about any surprises there. Neither is he.

I'm sorry for your situation there. Sounds like Bad Bro needs to have his arse handed to him.

Lemme know if I can help;)


Flo said...

Don't be jealous, Kate, you come on down. Everybody can just come on over and we'll have a big ol' party!

I'm working on your little project, too, Holly. And I think I have some big, rusty hat pins somewhere around here that will work just fine!

Kate said...

Making a voodoo doll, Flo? ;)

phlegmfatale said...

Thanks so much for my wonderful birthday present! I'm glad you're feeling better, because you've sure sounded like crap on the phone last week!

Bad bro needs his nuts put in a vise. Full-stop. Jerk!

And you can't help someone who won't be helped.