Friday, September 28, 2007


...ahhh, ahhh, ahhh CHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

'scuse me. Sorry.

Cough, couch, rattle, rattle, hack,hack, hack, hack, cough, cough, cough, hack, hack, COUGH, COUGH, hack.
...ahh, ahhh, ahhhh, CHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
'scuse me. Sorry.

Rinse, repeat.

This has been my life since Tuesday. with the occasional moan thrown in for good measure. I sit on the couch, I lie on the couch, I sit at the compute for a while, and stare at the screen trying to remember what I was going to say that was witty and clever. There's just no room in my head with all the snot in my sinuses.

IT is NOT, I repeat NOT allergies.
I got tested last September, the 80 some odd pricks on my naked back and then when I didn't react to anything, 7 injections into my Deltoid. NADA, zip, bupkis. I ain't allergic to nuttin' but Codeine, Coconuts, and Parakeets. The only reason I know I'm allergic to them is b/c I have weird reactions to them. You know wheezing, whole body rash, barfing.

No, what I have right now is a sinus infection from all the dirt and Gawd knows what else I breathed into my poor sinuses over the weekend last weekend in Mom's garages. No good deed goes unpunished and All That Jazz.

Check back with me Sunday, I've been taking three medicines since Wednesday afternoon and I'm hoping they start working this afternoon. I'm tired of the aches and pains and hacking and sneezing and feelin' yucky!


crazy baby lainy said...

Hope you feel better fast.

Get plenty of rest.

Mark said...

Praying for you, hope you get to feeling better soon.

Memphis Steve said...

Sorry to hear that you're sick. Some guy just got arrested and charged with assault for coughing on a cop who pulled him over for not wearing a seatbelt. Dumbest arrest ever.

phlegmfatale said...

awwww, poor baby - I've been wondering where you was. Let me know if you need me to haul you up a bowl of chicken soup or an airlift from Babe's - I owe you a meals-on-wheels!

SpeakerTweaker said...

Get better Holly! Folks are a-wunderin where you was!

Hope it all clears up soon. I hates me some sinus infections. Yuck!


Kate said...

Awww, Holly...get well soon! That stuff is miserable!

JPG said...

Holly thanks you all for your good wishes. After she posted that Friday noonish, I went to the store in the evening and picked up food therapy stuff and some high powered cough syrup.

We both had high hopes that she'd feel much better after a good night's sleep. I got up fairly early, intending to go shoot in another match, but decided against it. H got up after while and it developed she was feeling even worse today. She's hoping to feel better so she won't need to go see the doctor on Monday. I'M hoping she'll feel better so she doesn't need to go to the E. R. on Sunday.

Please keep sending the good thoughts for her. Best,

Lin said...

Good Heavens, girl, I hope you don't have the same neverendum stuff I picked up a year ago. Life can become hardly worth waking up to with this nonsense after a year. Better still, I hope you at least find a doctor who can deal with it in one sitting (and charge)!

g bro said...

Wait. Didn't you post something ages ago about a sinus regimen? So you don't have allergies but you might as well? Or maybe DB's cojones are really coconuts? (I'm sorry but I could not resist - I really couldn't.)

phlegmfatale said...

I'm going to my meeting today (Monday) and there's a bit at 11:30 I need to attend, and then if you want me to bring you lunch, I will. I hope you're feeling much, much better.

g bro said...

Are you feeling better yet? I hope so!

crazy baby lainy said...

Are you OK?

Hang in there.

Love & Hugs.

skywriter said...

Hope you're feeling better by the time you get down through all the happy thoughts to my little comment.


SpeakerTweaker said...

I think I may know the feeling. I've been working at a massive house all week that's surrounded on all sides by cedar. If I'm there, I'm sneezing. Like, the rib-bending, back arching, near blacking-out sneezes that flex windows and cause ripples in the space-time continuum. I think I actually opened a wormhole Thursday.

Anyhoo, it's been awhile, now, and no news! I hope y'all are okay!