Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Little Bit to Say About a Lot of Things

I had Supper last night with THE Fat Hairy Bastard and his Lady Friend. Let me start out by apologizing for monopolizing the conversation. I did what I usually do when I'm nervious...I talk and talk and talk trying to make a good impression and wind up doing just the opposite. When I DID give them a chance to speak...they were fascinating! We went to the Great Wall on Hwy 190. If y'all live in Killeen or the Cove or on Base and haven't checked this place are missing a good bet. I had the Pineapple Crispy Shrimp. And I had my choice of rices or LoMein. Mom and I can BOTH have lunch from the left overs and trust me I had all I wanted to eat last night. The hot and sour soup was terrific, too.
BTW, FHB is not. He's not fat, hairy and did not behave in a "batardly" manner atall. He was quite the gentleman and his LF was so sweet and charming, I instantly took a shine to her.
I hope next time we meet he doesn't jerk the check away from me...fair is fair. We should take turns, right? Thanks again for a LOVELY evening, J & D.

Got a Text Message from the Fabulous LaP. She's getting those IV antibioticals and feeling better. But when I tried to call her...her voice sounded like someone had clipped half her vocal cords and had the other half in a vise. So we agreed to text for the next day or so, even though I text like an arthritic, dyslexic, monkey. I miss my perky, peppy friend! I remember how awful it was when I had pneumonia. And I was 10 yrs younger than she is now. Y'all send up prayers, or send positive energy her way, please. She needs all the good vibes we can muster on her behalf.

Tonight I'm meeting my Cousin Charley and his wife and ADORABLE Dtr the AMAZING Gracie for dinner. There's a place in Belton called Nami's. Gracie and I just LOVE Nami's. We like to sit at the Hibachi and have the chef "perform". I like the Onion Volcano. Yes, I am a kid at heart. I also like it when they juggle the eggs around and throw them up into those tall chef's hat's. Jane, Gracie's Mom, is a Prof at the local Univ, but she is also a glorious photographer. She is the one responsible for the pic above. Since it's almost 20 yrs. old, I asked her if she'd mind taking some new pics. She graciously agreed to do that for me. I can hardly wait!
Actually, I've known Jane longer than I've known Charley. See, I got Charley as a cousin when my Daddy married his Aunt. OTOH, My Mother and Jane's Mother threw Baby Showers for one another. So we grew up knowing one another.

BTW, it confuses some people when I talk about Mother and Mom. These are two different women. Different as night and day. Mother is my Mother. She lives about 12 blocks from me. Mom is my Daddy's 2nd wife. I love her dearly and make it down to Killeen to visit her monthly. We clear, now?

Mom and I are "gearing" up for Canyon Lake. Yesterday we went through her pantry and freezer and pantry and compared their contents against what I had brought from my pantry. Then I made a list and went to the store. I got everything but Milk. I'll get that Saturday on our way out of town. Mom has one of those electric chests that will either keep food cold or warm, depending on what you set the temp for. We will put the frozen food we want to STAY frozen in that. The frozen food we want to thaw, we'll put in my little insulated bag. the canned stuff, I brought a sterlite box for. That way we don't have to worry if the brown shopping bags break. I know what you're thinkin', "Oh, Holly, You're not supposed to carry anything heavy while your collarbone is healing!" Well, DUH! That's what the employees at the resort and t-i-p-s are for. I ALWAYS have singles in my pocket for tipping. I'm a good tipper for good service. Someone who carries heavy stuff for me gets a tip.

And that collarbone thing? Since that was my 2nd bone injury in as many months AND I'm a post-menopausal woman, I talked to the Doc Tuesday. I'm now taking 600 mg of Calcium + Vitamin D 2/day. I've also d/c'd the Boniva for a couple of months per his advice in order to give the bones a chance to heal. And before you Medical types jump on me: Yes, I HAVE had a Bone scan, in '05 as a matter of fact, and NO I do NOT have Osteoporosis, thank you very much. Yet. I have a pre-cursor. That's why I'm takin' the Boniva.

And what blog from me would be TRULY complete without a couple of driving rants?
If you drive a Pick-up truck and come to a stop you approach the intersection, please notice the height of the car next to you. If they will not be able to see over the hood of your truck if you pull all the way to the stop line, please consider stopping far enough back so that the car already THERE can have a CLEAR sight line to oncoming traffic, ASSHAT!!!

I know I've said this before, but it obviously bear repeating :
If I am in the passing lane, exceeding the speed limit in order to pass a vehicle, and am in fact, actively PASSING a vehicle on my right, do you think, it's going to do any good at all, do you thing, Mr. Macho Man, Mr. Teen Rage Driver, giving me the one finger salute that I am going to do any thing other than continue at my current rate of speed? Do you think I might swerve my car into the wheels of the semi I'm passing so you can get past? Should I move onto the left shoulder for your convenience, sir? Or should I, instead, give my emergency flashers a quick tap, thus making it appear to you that I have just tapped my brakes? Or would that just piss you off even further?

OK, that's all I got for today.


crazy baby lainy said...

So glad you are home safe and sound from a very nice trip. I missed you!
I agree with your doc totally. It just makes sense.
Can't wait for the new pics, sexy mama.
As for your driving skills I for one agree with you, especially since I've had the pleasure of riding with you and know how safe you are. Truck's pull up so far that my little car can't see around them, and on the highway I just let em pass me by. If they are in that big of a hurry to die, let em.
Glad your back!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

It was a great time. You weren't to chatty. We loved it. My other friend busting in on us probably freaked you out, but that was totally unexpected. We'll do it again whenever you come back, and I won't fight you for the check. We'll work it out.

phlegmfatale said...

Thanks for the well-wishes on my pneumonia. I'm feeling better every day. FHB and Denise sound like a hoot - I'm looking forward to meeting them myself.