Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Traitor, A Hater, and One SMART Blonde

This is about my Dawgs and mowin'. I just came in for fresh ice water and some blessed A/C while the mower cools down. I'll finish the post later.

OK, it's 10pm now, and the yard isn't even 1/2 finished...several problems popped up...the main two being that this was my first time using this mower and I had neglected to ask the Dearly Beloved how to make it be a Self Propelled Mower [there's a lever to push forward] and the grass has gotten so high it has to be mowed in one direction and the opposite direction to get it actually cut, and that's with the wheels at the highest setting.

But the Traitor I mentioned in the title is... BOO. I'm out there working hard and little Comfort creature that she is, sneaks off, hits the back door knob and lets herself into the nice cool house. Of course that leaves the back door standing WIDE open...but I guess she just wanted ME to be cool, too.

The Hater? That would be Tipper Sharpton. He HATES the mower. Tried to grab the wheels in his teeth and bite them. Just like Ben did last year. A couple of whacks on the snout and head and now he is content to run along beside me as I mow and bark at the mower.

The SMART Blond...well, that kinda leaves Ben, now doesn't it? You see last year he had to attack the mower, but this year, having taught Tip to do the heavy work, he can lie in the shade and supervise. Yeppers, he a SMART Blond.

Did I mention I am so sore from PUSHING that mower through thick, tall grass I can barely walk across the room? Or that somehow, maybe it was the weed eater, maybe it was the raking, maybe it was the pulling on the starter rope...but my shoulders and even my neck muscles are sore. And how did my CHEST muscles get sore?


lainy said...

You should really rethink this lawn mowing situation. If DB had his way you could be blogging instead of working your fanny off in that Tx. heat.

HollyB said...

Trust me Crazy Baby...he'd rather I was mowing and He was on the 'puter inside in the A/C than the other way around.

lainy said...

Well Holly, you taught him all wrong. He should do the mowing and YOU should be sittin' in front of the 'puter, but as stubborn as you are you'll just make it hard on your muscles. I hope you told DB you were to sore for any lovin' last night and this mornin'.


phlegmfatale said...

How did your chest muscles get sore?

Um, perhaps it was when you were pushing a lawnmower through a thicket, hm? Could be? Maybe? Just a little?

Congrats on tackling that, though. That is one thing I so admire about you - when you get in there and tackle something, you really go to town. You've got gumption, lady!

Flo said...

I think it's just DB's way of getting back at you for not letting him have a tractor.

So, I guess this would be why you didn't call back yesterday, hm?

Jay G said...

Wait a minute. Women can mow lawns?

This would come as an unwelcome surprise to Mrs. G...

Next you're going to tell me that women can bring the car in for oil changes, too...


lainy, aka Crazy Baby said...

Are you alive? I told you to get the mower, didn't I?
I'd like a new blog ifin you can muster yourself to get to the 'puter.:)