Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quit Bitchin', Crazy Baby !!

I've been busy. Sunday, I had to finish the mowing.
Monday, I went down to LaP's and spent the afternoon in her pool. OMGatos! We had a ball! SHe tempted me with chocolate! I, in turn, tempted her with Champagne. I got to meet her precious Doglet. She became my Bitch for a Day while I fed her little heart-shaped treats. She even barked at me, when I didn't give them to her as fast as she thought I should.
LaP made the MOST delicious salads for lunch and we ate them stadning in the pool! For dessert, we would haul the floating cooler out of the pool and munch on Ranier Cherries or a pineapple spear. I finally left about 6, pruny and sunburned and full of fun. It was just an incredible day. I can't wait to go back.
I did notice something wrong, though. When I was telling her about my aches and pains from all the mowing...I felt my collarbone. The right knobby-thing is out of whack from the left one. ANd when the Dearly Beloved was mashin' around it to see if he could tell if somethin' was wrong he mashed too hard and I "jumped back, Jack" and hollered. SO..since Doc is on vacation..I have to wait til next week to get it looked at. I'm not gonna go to the ER for somethin' this minor, I'd rather just whine to ya'll about it.

Yesterday, Boo and I had errands to run. I had to bribe her with the promise of a trip to her "gami's" to get her out of PetSmart. We went of to Mother's and visited with her for a while. SHe always gets her Granddog a bowl of icewater when we come over. Small wonder she does a happy dance when I say the word "gami".

And now, I'm about to look through all the Sunday circulars I didn't read Monday. I need to see what's on sale so I can go buy things I need that are on sale anyway. Maybe something exciting will happen while I'm out and I'll have an interesting blog tomorrow.


Flo said...

Ahhh. I was wondering what all this had to do with Crazy Baby. I had to check previous comments, but not I see I'm not the only one she yells at for posting too slowly.

I think we should tell her to get her own blog and see how she likes it!

Crazy Baby Lainy said...

Lookie here Flo- I have way to much fun reading everyone else's blogs to have my own.

All I ask Ladies is that you both keep me intertained and updated. I thought The Goddess was getting behind and was just reminding of her duties. ROFLMAO

As for bitchin', you ain't seen nothin' yet. Na na na na

phlegmfatale said...

Isn't it great when your routine tasks are waylaid by fun not-run-of-the-mill things?

Me & doglet had SUCH a blast. We must rinse/lather/repeat early & often. Thanks for coming down to hang out with us, and doglet is still loving the heart-shaped treats you brought her.