Saturday, July 07, 2007

Too Busy to Post

OK, I know I said I'd post something from Flo's on Thursday...but obviously I didn't know before hand just HOW much fun I was gonna be having up here. I have managed to pull my head out of the bottomless Margarita bucket long enough to report in briefly.

When I get home I'll tell y'all about the all night family diner/gambling den Dearly Beloved and I discovered in Wichita. I'll also let you know how Oklahomans treat Red River Wetbacks. But for now, I just want y'all to know what it was like for me to meet my B'day Twin, Lainy.

She is a frequent commenter here, so some of you may feel like you know her already. Don't. The Woman is "Crazy, Baby". and I mean that in the way...The Killer, Jerry Lee meant it. She is a wild woman to equal yours truly! Funny, Smart, Gorgeous, wicked, but not in a BAD way. I just wish she could have spent more time here before going off to visit her sons. I told Flo y'day and today, "I MISS Lainy." Today she was ready to slap me for bein' so whiney. BUt I swan y'all, I woke up Friday with sore cheek muscles from stayin' up 'til Midnight laughin' and foolin' around with Flo and Lainy.

Flo has been slavin' over a hot stove practically the entire time we've been here. Well, when she's not out on the back porch, sipping on a frozen 'Rita with the rest of us. Or out shoppin' with Lainy and me. Or just me. Or going to breakfast with me and the usual Friday morning group of Girlfriends. I think I'm probably gonna weigh about 10 lbs. more when I leave Monday than when I got here last Wednesday.

Anyway for more news about what we've been up to...go over to Flo's blog later today or tomorrow.


Kate said...

Can't wait to hear more!

lainy said...

Ok,so once in a blue moon I get to have some fun and meeting The Goddness, who is by all accounts just like me( except I did manage to freak her out while topless ROFLMAO), and one of the best people I've had the pleasure of meeting.

My son's keep telling me to quit boo-hooing about missing my wild new bestest friend. Poor boys, if they only knew!

Now her hubby has the most good looking legs I've ever seen and she should be careful about my visit to her house. I may just have to sit on his lap and give him a big wet one!:)

Thanks for all the fun. I want to be just like Holly when I grow up!

Kate said...


It sounds as though things were a lot more fun where you were than at the dentist where *I* was!

SpeakerTweaker said...

Wow. When the women-folk get together...

Well, vacation's over sweetheart! Time to get back to blogging!

Hollar next time you head South!


phlegmfatale said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely time - you deserved a diversion with wicked women!