Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Surgery Vacation, Part One

Mom got a call on Friday from Silverleaf, the mgmt company for the Condos. "Mrs. B, we're awfully crowded this weekend, we've invited a lot of prospective buyers to spend a 3-day weekend with us at Hill Country Resort. Would you mind if we upgraded you to a Presidential Suite for your week?" Mom told me, as we're driving down there, that she sighed mightily and allowed as to how we could muddle through with the upgrade, THIS time.

Now Mom and Daddy bought their first Condo @ Hill Country back in the 80's and this wasn't her first upgrade. But it was MY first time to stay in a Presidential Suite. I like 'em. I knew the Presidentials were bigger, I've toured a model during a sales presentation, but stayin' in one for a week is a whole 'nother kettle of fish!
First thing I noticed was the WBFP. I was tempted to crank the A/C down to 60 and go buy some firewood and marshmallows. But on second reflection, Mom would have never let my Hedonistic little self get away with THAT stunt.
Every room is bigger than the rooms in a "Lodge" unit. And the furnishings are proportionally larger as well. For instance, there is a couch instead of a love seat in the LR. The dining table seats 6 instead of 4. There are oodles of counter space in the kitchen so you've got plenty of prep space. Each of the 2 BR has a King size bed. In a Lodge unit, the Master BR has a king and the 2nd BR has a double. The beds have a built in shelf type headboard, with an electrical outlet on each side, and baby spotlights above. Each BR has 2 closets. And of course there's a TV in each BR, the Master BR and the TV in the LR have VCRs built in to the TV. The TVs sit in an Armoire with two drawers to hold whatever.
Let's move on to my FAVORITE room. The bathroom. Double lavatories, with full vanities and a mirror wall. Full cabinets beneath provide lots of toiletry storage. A linen closet holds 8 huge bath towels, 8 hand towels, 8 wash cloths, and 2 bath mats. If you should run short on clean linens, though, you are allowed to trade your dirty ones for clean ones on Tuesdays. Just set them outside your door and Housekeeping will deliver the clean ones sometime in the afternoon. But that service is for everyone, not just the owners in the Presidential Suites.
But for my money the crown jewel in the bathroom is the two-person whirlpool tub, with hand sprayer. Now when I say two-person, that's two, stretched out TALL people. With ledges all around for setting your beverages of choice. And mirrors on two and a half of the walls. The other 1.5 walls is a 'glass' wall and door. Yeah, I took at LEAST one bath every day.

Oh, I almost forgot. The 2nd bedroom can be closed off and locked from the rest of the unit. This is so that the owner of the week can rent that BR as a separate unit to someone, if they desire. See, in addition to having it's own bed, closets, bathroom, it also has a 2 burner range, a microwave, a mini fridge, a sink and cabinets to hold part of the dishes from the kitchen. Did I mention the table and two chairs in the room? And it wasn't crowded!

The back patio had a table, four chairs and a view of the Lake. If I got out there before 8 in the morning could watch the deer come out of a stand of trees and start to graze in the clearing between us and the lake. I could also watch the other guests walk their dawgs.

to be continued...


phlegmfatale said...

That place sounds awesome, Hols. Made me want to take a mini-vacation... Hmmm...

Fathairybastard said...

Sounds very cool. We have a time-share in Pagosa Springs, Colorado that allows us to trade places and get very cool accommodations almost anywhere. Don't use it much, because I work so much. Dying to go skiing again though.