Thursday, June 21, 2007

How About a HAPPY Blog

for a change?
I took Tipper Sharpton to the Vet Clininc tonight for his final round of "puppy shots". BTW, LaPhlegm, they must think that b/c he's still got dangly bits he's gonna be quite the little Ho' Dawg, cause they gave him TWO rounds of the Bordello shot.
After the shots, I drove through Rudy's for a stuffed smoked potato, with lean, chopped beef. Three employees came to the window with to pet Tipper. One of them brought him a big ole piece of brisket, and then another came back with a HUGE hunk of smoked turkey. "Can he have turkey?" he politely asked before handing it out the window. I laughed and said, "Sure."
Tip was in heaven, that "tail o' destruction" was thumpin' so hard against the back of my seat it was like gettin' a Shiatsu massage. He was one happy pup!

He has decided that he prefers riding in the back seat to the front seat. He can roam from side to side back there. He reminds me of Ben in the bed of Dearly Beloved's truck. Yes, AD, I'm gonna get him a harness just like Boo has, but I have to wait until he's through growin' to know what size to get. What I'm doin' for now is runnin' the front seat belt thru the wrist loop of the leash and then settin' him in the back seat. It works fine for now.
He does have a bad habit, though. He likes to put his front paws on the console and lick my ear or the side of my face. Sometimes, one of his paws slips and hits the switch that makes the rag top go up. Now, so far this has only happened when I've been slowin' down or already stopped. I shudder to think what would happen if he'd stepped on the switch when I'd been movin' along at 35 mph or better! Guess I'll have to keep a closer eye on him, the little stinker!


phlegmfatale said...

You keep an eye on that whore-hound - he'll be pimping himself out in no time. Good thing they made for sure-for sure with the bordello shot.

Did he share his yummy barbecue treats with Ben and Boo?

lainy said...

Why not have some barbecue as you drive topless? Smart doggy.

HollyB said...

LaP, nope, he Didn't share, he ate his treats right there in the car, so his benefactors could enjoy his deelight! When I got home, Ben and Boo got some of MY beef, and then split the potato I couldn't finish. Those things are just HUGE!

Lainy- that's what I was thinkin' ease the trauma of that nasty shot he needed a treat!

phlegmfatale said...

well, at least B&B got a little treat.

Flo said...

You tell TS to be careful with that button so close to your trip!