Friday, May 18, 2007

Weird Fixations

Drivin' down to Killeen on Monday, I thought I had good weather...but when I started home y'day, I realized I had PERFECT topless drivin' weather! Sunny, but the temps were in the mid to upper 70's. It was grand.
MattG may try to tell y'all I got a sunburn on the left side of my neck, but by the time I left his house last night, it wasn't even hot. BTW, he makes a mean Pork Loin!

Now, my weird fixation, this week, was with the number 3. For the years that I've been driving between N. TX and Killeen, I've known that Exit 353 on I-35 was West, the Kolache Kapital of Texas. Other places may make Kolaches, but they ain't as good as the ones you get in West. 'sTruth. If you don't have plans for Labor Day weekend, they throw a big Czech Fest every LD. So git down there.

Anyhoo, back to my "3" fixation...and before you smarty-pants start commenting, NO, I did not see that movie about the number 23. ON the way down, I started noticing how many Exits on 35 have interesting "stuff" at exits ending with a 3.
Starting where I get on 35, at the junction with Hwy 190, and heading North, there is Exit 293, the exit that takes you to Hwy 190 for Killeen and Ft. Hood.

Exit 303B in Temple is for the Mayborn Convention Center...I guess if you live in Temple that's important. And were it not for the exit for the H.K. Dodgen would be the last/first exit for Temple.

There is no Exit 313, however there IS an Exit 315. That will take you to a couple of kewl places. The first is Mother Neff State Park, a "jewel in the State Park system." I forget where I read that, but it was several years ago and it has stuck with me. I've visited there a couple of times and been delighted both times. Once was in the Fall and the other time was in the Spring. It was lovely during each season. The other attraction is a far from Nature as it gets. It sits right on the Highway access road and you can't miss it. If you travel that section of the 35 corridor and have even one eye open, I know you've seen the Statuary Factory Outlet! Forget the stridin' concrete lion, forget the Blue-painted Go-rilla, I want one of those glorious 8' tall Gargoyles! I think it would make a marvelous beginning to my yard art collection. Don't you?

At Exit 333, you're in Waco, and that's the exit for Valley Mils Dr/LaSalle Ave. I'm sure there's something of note in Waco on one of those streets...somebody want to tell me what it might be, besides Texas Roadhouse. I HATE that place, too loud and the food is over-priced for the mediocre quality.

Two exits further down is the Texas Ranger Museum. No, not those Texas Rangers, the REAL Texas Rangers, the LAW MEN, Texas Rangers. Take Exit 335B. And plan on spending at least one entire day. I've been there twice and want to go back.
While we're in Waco...that Clifton Tower bldg, there on the West side of the hwy? Before it was part of Baylor, didn't it used to be a hotel? I'm thinkin' Sheraton or Hilton for some reason.

Exit 343 will get you to the Heitmiller Family Steak House. I was there once, years ago. IIRC, it was pretty good.

Of course, as I've already stated, Exit 353 is West.

Once you reach the split in Hillsboro, there's really just one more interesting exit, and that's Exit 3 on 35W. It's some FM Road with 4 digits, but what makes it interesting is the airplane on the sign indicating an airfield or airport. Thing is, there's no city or town for a few miles around. Itasca is 5 miles down the road. And frankly, as small as Itasca is, I don't think they could support a Muni Airport. So this sign must indicate an airfield of some sort. For crop dusters, maybe? Piqued my curiosity, anyway.

And That's all I noticed.

Hope you enjoyed.


Rabbit said...

You left out the big concrete dinosaurs at Moscow, but I think it's on SH21 (which adds up to 3, right?).

I've always thought about stopping at Heitmueller's but I am always in a hurry to get to College Station or somewhere else when I'm through that way. Or, it might be before lunch. Or something. SWMBO and I did the Ranger museum thing back in October after we did a meeting at the Tx. Sports Hall of Fame in Waco. The Ranger museum is something every Texan should see and should inspire non-residents to move here as soon as possible. Sports Hall of Fame? Eh. Texas League baseball exhibit was nice.


lainy said...

It seems to me you were amusing yourself during your ride noticing all those things with a 3 in it. :)

Glad you're home safe and sound.

lainy said...

You sounded so sexy and enjoyable talkin' to AD last night.

I loved the show.

g bro said...

Last time I went to West Fest, it was 104-106 F. Talk about brutal! I did stay to listen to Brave Combo and made it back on Sunday for the Polka Mass. But I was pooped!

Flo said...

If you hadn't been so busy reading traffic flow patterns, you would have noticed more.


Fathairybastard said...

It's HILARIOUS to have you pointing out all these otherwise nondiscrips spots in my life.

First, there is NO reason to stop at the Mayborn center. They don't even have decent gun shows there. The big dome in Belton is the local spot. Bell County Expo Center. Saw ZZ-Top there a month or so ago. Lots of rodeos and such. Decent gun shows, usually.

Also, the kolaches in West are excellent, but the next time you're zipping through Temple on 35, get off on Adams and drive all the way east through town to the little town of Zabcikville, and try Greens sausage house. You'll never mess with anything else after. Actually, coming from the north, get off on the loop north od Temple and head east till you get to Hwy 53, and head east again till you get to Green's.

That's a lie. There's also a great place in Waco, off I-35, called Rudfy's. Foillow the signs, and when you get there try the hot sausage and cream corn. It's a chain. There's another one in Round Rock, on the way to Austin.

For more stuff, look at this site

and scroll down to the texas listings.

Great post. Love it.

Fathairybastard said...

Rudy's. Excellent BBQ, South Waco off I-35.

shooter said...

Okay, granted, you may have found some 'decent' kolaches over there. BUT. Next time you are down around El Campo, stop by Hillje and Prasek's Smokehouse. It's about 3 miles south of El Campo. My favorites are the Jalepeno Sausage and the Saurkraut.