Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Links!

After I write this, I'll get into the customization editor and add some new links. I've been meanin' to do this for a while and I've just been forgettin' and procrastinatin'. After all, bein' a Goddess is hard and busy work, y'all.

The first goes out to a group in Australia. Great site, I've added them to my daily blog trot line. Crusader Rabbit is their name. They have some excellent discussions about what going on Down Under.

Maybe they can answer a question that the SNSS and I were discussing the other night. We were talkin' about directions. He made reference to goin' to Austin and used the phrase "goin' up there". I interjected, "goin' down there" since Austin is South of us. It's always been my belief that when you are heading in a direction South of your current position you say "down" and when you are heading North you say "up". My reasoning for this is that when you look at a map, North is "up" from South/South is "down from North. SNSS countered, "Well, in Australia, they may beg to differ." So, how about it? Anybody who has lived there want to weigh in with their opinion?

A weekly read of mine is "Roswell, TX". This is a graphic novel that is certain to delight you sci-fi/fantasy/alternate history buffs. New installments are posted every Friday. But start at the beginning. It's a terrific read, honest. And I should probably post a Class I beverage warning along with it.

I have some "linky-love" for LawDog's buddy Tole. While he's not as prolific as 'Dog, when he does crank one out, it's a goody. And when he dishes the dirt on his wild and hair-raisin' time with a young and crazy 'Dog, do NOT have any beverages or food in your mouth! All those posts should come with a Class III beverage warning. I wish him much success in Gradual School.

Check out the new links, I don't think you'll be disappointed.