Sunday, May 06, 2007

Seis de Mayo

I read a really bad joke about the 5th of can read it on Law Dog's page. Just click on my link...over there on your right, in the link section. But, I warn y'all, it's a groaner.

It's kinda strange, when I stop to think about it. Mexico has had this holiday since 1862. But it wasn't a big holiday HERE, in the Texas, until about what...1985 or so? Why? Did the numbers of Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, reach a level that it finally became profitable for marketers of beer and other party supplies to sit up and take notice? Or is it something else.

I first started to REALLY notice the big City-wide, city sponsored celebrations in the mid-90's. That was about the same time we began to be inundated with the diseases of Political Correctness and Diversity, IIRC. Politicians were starting to court more "minority" votes and so this Mexican National Holiday became a day for them to make appearances among their Hispanic voters. A day to "press the flesh", get some "face time" with potential voters, register voters, and present themselves as a"Friend to the Hispanic Community".

Now, some of those same political panderers want to grant full citizenship to aliens who snuck into our country illegally. They want to do this so those aliens will be able to vote for them, thinking the "New Citizens" will be forever grateful to their "patrons" for granting them citizenship and the rights that accompany it. There's just one problem with their little plan... humans, as a general rule, rarely value that which they have not EARNED! And these illegal aliens, the ones who swam the river, or snuck in under, over or through the fence, or came in with the assistance of a coyotero, haven't earned the right to be citizens. I don't care if they have been here 2 months or 20 years, if they cut in line to get here, they didn't earn the right to be here! If they haven't been paying Social Security and Income taxes, they don't have a right to be here! And they should go back to the country which gave them birth whether that is Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, or some other Central or South American country or it's a different third world nation. We have enough UN-educated, UN-skilled labor in this country already. How about we increase the quota of educated, skilled immigrants we allowed in from Europe and Asia and decrease the number of immigrants we allowed from our Southern border, unless they can prove they are in possession of a skill or knowledge our workforce needs?

And how about we put pressure on our politicians to STOP using OUR tax dollars to celebrate a Mexican National Holiday? I mean, really, how hard is it to defeat a French occupation force, anyway? Unless, and until, Mexico wants to start funding July 4th and April 21st celebrations.


Lainy said...

I couldn't have said it better. Amen, Sister!

It comes to mind that in the state of N.M. it is a requirement to take Spanish in every year of school. My 16 yr. old daughter is very good at speaking it since she's the youngest and took it from in 2 nd. to 6 th. grade.

I was enraged!

HollyB said...

Well, see, Lainy, that is Political Correctness run AMOK!
Was that rule enacted under Bill Richardson?
And thanks for the comment. And the one about the Islamic Terrorists. I can always count on YOU to make it through even the longest posts and give me some feedback.

Rabbit said...

I'm sorta anxious to see what the outcome of the Farmer's Branch vote on the illegal immigrant ordinances will be. I figure there's going to be a lot of cemetary voting, along with a whole new crop of questionably enrolled first-time voters.


lainy said...

No, the bill wasn't enacted by Richardson.

Bonnie said...

I'm required to take a foreign language while in college, and the only reason I'm taking Spanish is because I can't remember anything I learn in German, and I can't pronounce French. I have a feeling I'm going to be pissy for the next two semesters, which sounds silly, but in this area, it's considered a crime to not want to speak Spanish.

The fun part about Cinco de Mayo is asking people what it's for. They usually answer "Mexico's Independence Day!" with great enthusiasm while downing another beer. Hell...nix the beer, and that's what I thought it was until this year. I just didn't care enough to celebrate or find out. And it disturbs me how willing a lot of people are to get drunk in celebration of something that has nothing to do with them.

Memphis Steve said...

The People are going to have to start grabbing crooked politicians off the streets and beating their asses before much longer. Somehow we've got to get make it easier to impeach. I don't know. We've got no shortage of unaccountable crooks in need of kicking out.

Fathairybastard said...

I hear what you're sayin', and it does annoy me a bit, but I also would love to see the friggin' Irish shut the hell up about their country. Go up to Boston and say "Ireland Sucks" out loud. See what happens. I wish all the dolts who wave someone elses flag, whatever flag it is, would go the hell back there and leave us alone. But that's just me.