Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Can Hardly Believe THIS!

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela on Monday said it will not allow U.S. agents to carry out counter-drug operations in the country, accusing the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration of being a "new cartel" that aids traffickers.
Justice Minister Pedro Carreno said the South American nation suspended cooperation with the agency in 2005 after determining that "they were moving a large amount of drugs." President Hugo Chavez at the time also accused the DEA of spying.
"The United States with its DEA monopolizes the shipping of drugs like a cartel," Carreno told reporters. "We determined that we were evidently in the presence of a new cartel." He did not elaborate.

Then again, we're talkin' HugeEgo Chavez, y'all remember him, doncha? He got up to speak at the U.N. after President Bush, and swore the podium smelled like sulphur. From what I remember from Abnormal Psych, olfactory hallucinations are indicative of a deep seated brain tumor. Then again, the type of paranoia that makes a dictator, like Chavez, opine publicly that Geo W. Bush, leader of the most powerful FREE nation, is Satan, or one of his minions, could be said to be an indicator of Paranoid Schizophrenia. I don't have an "M.D." after my name; I don't have a "PhD" after my name. I'm just an humble, retired, little, ole Social Worker. But, jeez O' Peet! Even I know Crazy as a LOON when I see it!

Calling Chavez an "agitator" makes a nice segue to my other topic for today. A while back, I told y'all about our new puppy, the Boxer/Pointer cross. He's all black except for white "tips" on all 4 paws and his tail and nose. He also has a trail of white from the underside of his chin to his chest, but you can't see it, unless he's asking for a belly rub.
The Dearly Beloved had come up with the name "Tip" for him b/c of these white tips. And it seemed appropriate, at first. Now though, he has started developed more of a personality. Ben and Boo will be sleeping peacefully in the living room. Tip will wake up from a short nap, or come in from another room. Rather than taking the opportunity to chew on one of the plethora of toys without having Ben take it away from him, he will take a running leap and POUNCE on Ben or Boo and "stir up trouble". Sometimes he will attempt to "duel" with Ben and Boo simultaneously!
I never would have believed Ben, who is 5x Tip's body weight, could be as gentle and patient as he is with this interloper. But Boo - stuffy, persnickety Boozie Floozie has been the REAL surprise. If she's in the house, she usually doesn't want to play. But outside, she romps with Tip as if she were barely out of puppy hood herownself!
BUT, due to his constant rabble-rousing and agitating, we have made a name change. Tip is now Tipper Sharpton. AS in a combination of Tipper Gore and Al Sharpton, for those of you who failed subtlety in PoliSci. The Dearly Beloved will shorten it to "Sharpie", but I LIKE Sharpie writing implements, I label all the CD's I burn with different colored Sharpies. So, I call Sharpton. Just another mostly black agitator.


Lainy said...

What a cute doggy story. I bet you have your hands full. LOL

lainy said...

An answer from your last blog. No Richardson didn't enact the spanish speaking law. It was before him. He was a good state leader. Wacky a little, but he was able to raise the minimum wage to somewhere around $ 7.50 an hour in Santa Fe. He tried to make it a state law, but was voted against.

Bonnie said...

That is, by far, one of the best puppy names ever, with one of the best reasons ever. You name dogs like my mom names cats. That's awesome. :-)

Matt G said...

"I never would have believed Ben, who is 5x Tip's body weight, could be as gentle and patient as he is with this interloper."
Whatever you do, don't sprinkle taco seasoning on the puppy.

Memphis Steve said...

That's too funny! What a great name for a dog like that!

Chavez is totally bonkers.

Fathairybastard said...

Chaves is just another populist Mussolini type, only he's got huge wodges of cash to play with. Wnts to be Castro with cash, and he's buyin' all sorts of cool weapons from the ruskys. We'll see if he follows form and stops having any more elections.

And the doggy story is rich. You should post shots of little Sharpton.

Anonymous said...

You are retired?