Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm Livin' in the Middle...

of a BOG!!! I mean it, y'all. It rained the first two weeks of the month up here. Then we had a week to dry out. Now, it's been raining for 7 days and 7 nights. Not hard enough to flood, like back at the beginning of the month, but there has been plenty of Thunder and Lightening! I think it's safe to say our 50 year drought is broken.
This is having a deleterious effect on my moods. I cannot drive with the top down, so I am bummed about that. I can't mow the yard because the ground is too wet, so it's beginning to look like a field of weeds. I can't order the "miracle" grass plugs that are supposed to choke out the weeds, because I don't know when the ground is going to dry out enough to clear the ground to plant the plugs in the required 1" checkerboard squares. My flowerbeds, the ones that are cleared of weeds and grass are flooded and muddy, so I can't plant anything in them. The beds that need to be cleared are just muddy, too muddy to work in. Besides, I don't much like working in the rain. Or in mid-80's heat with high-90's humidity.

You know, when I left Houston in '76, it took about 9 months for my gills to grow over. What with all this rain, I think they are starting to re-emerge. As humid as it is here in the Summer, that could be a good thing. I'll be able to tolerate working outside a bit later in the mornin's, like maybe 'til 8 or 8:30. Yeppers, that what I said. If you want to work outside in this part of Texas, in the Summer, you best get up at Dawn. That's the only time it's close to bearable. I swan, I don't know how folks who work outside for a livin' do it!

I just hope, in July and August, I remember how grateful I was to get all this wet stuff.


phlegmfatale said...

Don't fret, Hols - this moisture and the memory of it will be gone toute-de-suite.

It was so great to see you Saturday - I'll look forward to next time.

g bro said...

Oh, you poor, poor thing! All those droplets must be so frightening!

Let me ship you some real rain!



Fathairybastard said...

I got stuck on I-190 the other day because the creek had run up over the road. Sat there for 2 1/2 hours while people rolled gingerly over the water. Still, I'm lovin' the rain. Let it roll.

Rabbit said...

I never trusted air I couldn't drink.

Now it's the bane of my existence. It's almost enough to make me over to the desert, I tell ya. My hygrometer on my desk was reading 67% humidity when I drug my wheezy ass in here this morning through this atmospheric sea. I may as well be living in a crock pot, I tell ya.


HollyB said...

gbro, you can just KEEP that REAL rain down there. ;)
I'll just go buy some Wellies to make it out to the car if it doesn't dry out SOON!
And FHB, y'all got some powerful rain down there, but I don't think you've gotten it as LONG as we've been gettin it.
I'm just tired of livin' underwater.
Phlegm, can I have that in writin'?

phlegmfatale said...

Yup, I just gave it to you in writing, so quote me and hold me accountable. On the other hand, if this is global warming, I'll take more, please.

I'm getting the distinct impression that perpetual drippy weather doesn't help your emotional state, so when I'm hating all the heat and dry sunshine, it will at least be a comfort to me that my friend is feeling fine.