Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thanks, Matt!!!

I don't know if it was you or your Lovely Bride who came up with the awesome idea, but I tried it yesterday and it worked like a CHARM!
The idea to which I am referring, Readers will make the odious task of using loud, power, yard tools much more tolerable. First, you get yourself an MR3player. Next, you get yourself a set of ear muff type hearing protectors. Then, you put in the ear buds, turn the music volume up just a tad higher than you normally would, put on the ear muffs, and start your power tool.

When I was mowing, I couldn't even hear the mower. Honest. I could feel the vibration through the handle, but I could NOT hear that awful grinding noise the motor makes. And the task went a lot quicker, too. I just walked behind the mower, singing along with my fav tunes and the grass and weeds just kinda got cut in half the time. Or so it seemed.

Next task, massacring the overgrown wax-leaf lugustrum hedges. I loathe them. I have ever since I was about 13. My Daddy and Step-Mom had those bushes all the way around their considerable back yard. It seemed that whenever I was there for my weekend visit, that was the weekend Daddy was trimming the hedges. And of course, it was up to my 3 step-bros and me to pick up the trimmings and stuff them into trash cans. Oh yeah, that's how I want to spend my weekend!
As the Dearly Beloved and I were gathering the trimmings and stuffin' them into the bed of his truck to take to the dump this week, I panted to him, "When I win the Lotto, we are SO payin' somebody to do this!" He grunted back, "Go buy a ticket."

Anyhoo, Thanks again, Matt for the tip. I will be using it from now on.
And after i post this blog and the next one I'm fixin' to write, I'm gonna go outside with the dawgs and enjoy the sun and breeze and my pretty yard!


Matt G said...

Chris started doing it after I raved about it.

I especially like listening to audio books while I mow. I usually put on my electronic muffs and turn the sound down, because I don't like to be completely isolated from the world, while pushing around a power mower. (And I've got the kids around, somewheres.)

It's interesting, isn't it, how diverting the mind from the boring task at hand can make you feel so much less tired afterward? (Stirrings in the hindbrain of some dumb old Yogi Berra quote about the percentage of sports/physical excertion being "mental.")

g bro said...

The past 10 years the allergies have gradually gotten worse (or more noticeable). So I do pony up the money to have a guy do it for us.

I like to wear ear plugs on airplanes. Then if I'm watching a movie, I put the headphones over that. Doesn't work as well without the full coverage headphones - I just hope the engine noise drowns out the soundtrack for the neighbors.

It looks like there's some nasty weather hitting you right now. Batten down the hatches and keep safe!