Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Response to Anonymous

""Just let it go, " I told my self. "Let sleeping dogs lie.""3 mo.s later, u still have not let it go. lainy, u sure about that?

Anonymous, if you are a regular reader, you know that I normally respond to comments in the comments section. Howsomeever, you have made such an egregious breach of the Goddesses "Rules of Blog Etiquette", I feel I must take you over my knee here in a blog of your very own!

First and foremost, this is NOT a text message, you MORON. If you cannot afford the price of a used, paperback dictionary, then peruse the postings of this or other blogs, the daily newspaper, a book, or the scroll across the bottom of the TeeVee screen on any of the news channels for proper spelling of words such as "you" and "months".
A minor point of grammar: when citing a phrase previously set in quotation marks, it is common to do so thusly: " 'Just let it go' "; not to use DOUBLE quotation marks as you did.

And as far as not letting go...Did you not READ, or just not UNDERSTAND the sentence in first paragraph wherein I explain that I had tried to give things another chance? And had AGAIN been abruptly shut out on Saturday. I then posted a blog, on Monday, I had originally written back in March, after making a few editorial changes.

Now I will admit, Goddess though I may be, I get in a hurry and make typos the spell-checker misses. I am NOT perfect, just Goddessly. And there are some words and phrases I use deliberately for the sake of "flavor". I LIKE the way certain regionalisms flow. I prefer the use of folk-talk to the diction and verbiage that my education and erudition afford me. I am not trying to castigate you, Anonymous, for being informal. I am upbraiding you for being insulting, ignorant, obtuse, and rude, not only to me,but to Lainy as well.

If you're going to come into MY house, and make no mistake about it, This blog is MY HOUSE, then wipe your feet at the door, keep your shoes off the coffee table, don't kick my dawgs, mind your manners around the Ladies, and have enough courtesy to introduce yourself next time. If you cannot observe the simple rules of Polite company, I will kick your sorry carcass down the front porch steps and out into the yard where the Dawgs will be happy to gnaw on your butt all the way to the street!


lainy said...

Thanks for telling it like it is, Holly.

And Anonymous, I'll be right beside Holly kicking your sorry tail all the way out the door and down the street. I don't even know you or what I did to piss in your wheaties, but you are now on my sh*tlist.

Have a wonderful day!

Walrilla said...

Aw, c'mon, Holly. Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel. B-)>

Seriously, a$$hats like that will never see themselves in your rant, so they keep making a$$hats of themselves. Hell with 'em.

Flo said...

Geez, somebody pi$$ed off the wrong women!

Good thing you two can handle it, I'd hate to break a nail if I/we have to get involved.

Maybe Phlegm and I can sit on the sidelines and score?

Ambulance Driver said...

Gotta love a person who has not the courage to publicly own his statements, yet feels the need to question your character.

As the saying goes, "You have the right to your ridiculous little opinion."

But hey Holly, your VERY FIRST TROLL!

You have ARRIVED, Ma'am! ;)

g bro said...

The Goddess is in high dudgeon.

Anonymous said...

You are right, Holly. You sure do show you are able to let things go. I'm sorry.

I was not attacking Lainy. I was asking whether her comment was right.

"First and foremost, this is NOT a text message, you MORON."
If it is not text, what is it?

Sorry for not having used good typing. Am not able to type with both hands real good but I will try to do better for you. I do not get why you think my questions were so rude, but you insult me this way.

Holly, I think you probably get too worked up. Do not bother. I will leave you your blog alone and go back to readin the other ones. You can feel good about runnin me off okay?

g bro said...

The Energizer Troll - keeps on going and going and going ........

Lainy said...


We are nice, loving Southern women and protect our own. We enjoy meeting new people and seeing old one's as well, but don't dare say Holly ran you off. You can be a big girl an admit your mistake and keep commenting. If you leave it's by your choice.

Understand we are protective of each other. Life shouldn't be wasted ny negativity.

phlegmfatale said...

flo - you rang? Sidelines are cool, but I'm ready with the venting of spleen as well.

Jeez! So THAT is what a troll looks like. I commend your ladylike ways, Holly, because I would have whipped out "bitch" and several other choice words early in the exchange. It's amazing someone can be so obtuse as to be contentious with someone who was saying something as kindly and gracious as you were in that post she took issue with-- SHE OBVIOUSLY FEELS GUILTY AND DEFENSIVE for having been such a raging asshat of a bitch. I'm just enough of a junkyard dog to say so.

Anyway, if you want me to jump in with my two cents, just let me know: have opinion, will comment.

Memphis Steve said...

"This blog is MY HOUSE"

I like that. I should quote that at the top of my blog.

"' '" I didn't remember this. I'm glad you reminded me. I've been double quotation marking for months.

Memphis Steve said...

P.S. You're in the roll as of now. You're in the Texas section, where all Texas bloggers go. Texas being ranked high up close to the top in my blogroll, by virtue of Texas being the most important of the 50 states and the one with the most bloggers who visit me.