Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Recommended Reading and...

a trackback to my post about the Virginia Tech shootings. Since I made the earlier post referring y'all to LawDog and Ambulance driver, other bloggers on my daily reading list have checked in with their views. If you don't already read the Blogs I'm about to recommend, and you aren't one of those people with a three minute attention span, you may find the following blogs interesting. I have a link for Better and Better, my SNSS's blog, and ChuckZ's blog "From My Position". Dragonwatch and Tam's "View From the Porch" were both excellent pieces as well. Tam has a link on her page to both Marko's "Munchkin Wrangler and ColtCCO, go give them a read, you won't find it time wasted. Blogspots hosts PawPaw's house and JohnnyLaw Chronicles, they both have good takes on the mass murders.

I decided to tell y'all about these because I didn't want to slight anyone.
I sincerely hope the country doesn't give into the gun-grabbing hysteria that is sure to arise from this incident. WHat that element doesn't seem to grasp is the concept that more laws only affect Law Abiding Citizens! A gun control law has never and will never affect a criminal or a crazy person. They always have and always will obtain and use guns for nefarious purpoases. It only makes sense for sane, reasonable, sober folk to be armed so that in situations such as Monday's "nut with a gun" at VA Tech, a legally armed student or faculty memeber, or staff member could have stopped said NWaG before the death toll reached 32.

I also wonder at the mindset of the students and faculty who chose to kneel and allow themselves to be executed like "sheeple". Has the "Zero Tolerance" for violence policy instituted from Kindergarten through 12th grade made our children totally defenseless? Is that policy responsible for a generation of victims who submit to execution? If so, we, as parents, need to begin demanding IMMEDIATE changes to that policy. I do not want to attend the funeral of my child or grandchildren b/c they learned in school that it was NOT allowed to defend themselves from an attack! WE, as Parents, need to counter this programming at school, with teaching our children, grandchildren, god-children, nieces and nephews, cousins, at home that they are not only allowed but MUST defend themselves from attacks. To do otherwise is dishonoring themselves and their family name.
This insanity of "Zero Tolerance" must stop!


phlegmfatale said...

Hear! Hear! I wholeheartedly agree - this passive acceptance of brutality is a flaw which is directly attributable to the elements of our society who insist that it's bad for boys to play with toy guns and swords, when the true fact is that no matter how sophisticated humans ever become, sometimes we will be in situations where we HAVE to fight to survive. It was ever thus.

lainy said...

The problem is most parents don't care enough to do much about anything anymore.

You hit the nail on the head. I totally agree with you.

Nightrider said...

Here, here! We need to stand up for our right to bear arms and teach our children to defend themselves!! Well spoken, Holly.