Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Helpful Hints for Household Safety

The Dearly Beloved introduced me to "Gun Forums" a few years ago. IMHO, two of the best are The Firing Line.org and The High Road.com. You will find more info there on weapons choices for home and personal defense than I could possibly give you in one or even a series of blogs. Go over and read, don't just go in and ask questions. Read the archives, you'll most likely find the answer to your questions there. If you don't, then you can register and ask your questions.
An interesting, to me, exercise that pops up from time to time on Forums like this is this question and discussions resulting from same: Suppose you have no firearms in your home and are suddenly confronted with an intruder. What, in each room of your home, do you use to defend yourself?
Now, this question presupposes the responder has the "I'm gonna fight and survive" mindset. The late Colonel Jeff Cooper wrote an excellent book, very short and to the point, on this subject, titled Principles of Self Defense. Order it from your favorite retailer TODAY, if you need some encouragement or inspiration.
So, get your mind to workin' right this minute. Whether you're readin' this at home or at work or at school. The title of this blog may be "Holly's Hystrionics" but I honestly don't think I'm being hystrionic when I say: "It could be your workplace or school, next time." Look around you, what do you see that you could use to temporarily disable an attacker? What is there that could distract or disable him/her long enough to allow you to flee?
I see an ash tray full of butts and ashes to be thrown in the face to blind, then use the ash tray itself to beat him on the head and face; Pens to poke in eyes and ears; books to beat him with; Scissors for stabbing and/or slashing; a spoon for scooping out an eye or stabbing in the throat;Candle holder [ah! if lit...molten wax to the face, then broken glass to cut and stab with; a handful of toothpicks in the ears; a phone handset swung by the cord; and last but not least a keyboard jabbed into the midsection. And that's just what's on the desk.

When I was a lass of 22, a man who was a Nurse and had some knowledge of the martial arts taught me a few self defense maneuvers and made me practice, practice, practice until I had them down and just reacted automatically. Since he had some knowledge of anatomy I have assumed all these years his info was good, and I'm passing it along. If any of y'all know differently, please correct my mis-information.
If you grab an attacker's ear firmly at the top of the shell, close to the side of the head, and then pull towards you and down, as if tearing a piece of paper from a notebook, you have a good chance of tearing the ear from the head. Also, cupping your hands and simultaneously smacking both ears, if done with enough percussive force can damage the ear drums.
It takes about 5 pounds of pressure to break the collar bone. The average woman, with her fists balled can do this. Raise your fists to the level of your head, and slam them down as hard as you can on his collar bone.
Guys, you may want to skip this part...Ladies, if your attacker is a intent on a sexual assault and your hands are free, the skin of the scrotal sac is very thin. While holding the sac in one hand pull down to stretch the skin, thus making it taut, and then punch through the skin with the fingers of your other hand. If done correctly, you can sever that bag. He's obviously got too much testosterone, just think of it as a "Street Orchiectomy".

Everyone, please remember: Your mind is your most powerful weapon!


phlegmfatale said...

Good recommendations, all. Thank you, Holly.

lainy said...

I am well prepared now. Thanks Holly.

The ear ripping thing sounds like something I'd enjoy doing.

Favorite Apron said...

What a great post to make us think.
I'm prone to hearing things go bump in the night and have planned mental scenarios and escape routes, at each place I"ve lived.

And if a loved one is late getting home at night, I can plan a whole funeral within minutes too!

Hystronically yours,


HollyB said...

I'm glad y'all "enjoyed" this piece. I hope all the readers who didn't comment, but read and posted the question to their blogs...yes,I followed the hits from site meter back to your blogs...are now more prepared than you were before.
Fav.Apron, welcome, and hope to see you back again.

Rabbit said...

eef...monkey steals a peach!

I've been having similar discussions with my coworkers all week. I work in an *unofficial disarmed victim office* (i.e., no real 30.06 sign, but there are signs at the doors. I don't carry here because I prefer to continue working here).

So far, everyone wants to come hide in my cube while I go deal with any problem.


Politics of a Patriot said...

If I ever have to mow (praying that I don't) I will definitely try this!!

-the "other" Holly