Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Adore Words

I like using them in new and amusing ways. I like using colloquialisms and regional pronunciations in my writing. I am an educated woman and I can construct formal, proper sentences, even paragraphs with the best of them. HEY, I scored a 690 on the verbal part of my GRE more than a decade ago. But I prefer the patois of the South in general and Texas in particular. My favorite bloggers are those with an excellent, even daunting command of our shared language: LawDog; Phlegmy; my SNSS; Tamara; Ambulance Driver. They are all linked over to your right. If you haven't checked them out, please do.

Last week, Phlegm wrote about having lunch with a friend. The conversation turned to Friend's strange ability to attract "men of a certain persuasion". Go read the blog, She describes it much better than my feeble attempts at a re-telling could do. Be sure to read the comments, too. I'll wait. OK. Now you know that "Fag" is no longer an acceptable word for homosexuals; "Queer" is the new acceptable word, as in the battle cry I first heard in the early 90's, "We're here, we're Queer, Get used to it!"
Evidently, Ann Coulter didn't get the memo. If she'd only called John Edwards a "queer" she wouldn't be in nearly so much trouble. As another blogger I read this a.m. said, and I'm paraphrasing Marko, http://munchkinwrangler.blogspot.com , here, I don't much care for Ann, she's a bit too much of a shrill, strident, mean-spirited Harpy for me, but she does indeed have a First Amendment right to Free Speech to spew her opinions, just like anyone else.

But, I digress...on the same day I read Phlegm's blog containing the reference to "fagomones" or "queeromones", take your pick, it's a funny term, I don't care WHO you are; I clicked on a link the Dearly Beloved had added to the favorites list. It was for http://www.UrbanDictionary.com. I got to roaming around, found the "Word of the Day" section and was delighted! The word that relates to this post is: homoblivious: the state of being unaware of another's homosexuality; as in " he is so homoblivious he didn't know that dude was coming onto him." ant of gaydar.
Now, those two words have been added to my vocabulary. I am, for a short while, a Happy Camper.


Diamond Mair said...

LOVE "homoblivious" - check out my blog {was FINALLY able to access again! :(} - there's info re: dog's health ................. ;-)

phlegmfatale said...

Aw shucks - you're too good to me, Holly!

Yup - homoblivious is snugly ensconced in my lexicon, where it shall remain for future reference. Good stuff!

Oh, and I'm right with you about the Southern penchant for colloquialisms - I find them charming and a wonderfully warm way of expressing ideas.