Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mt. Rushmore Rides

Say Whut? Since I don't have a DVR, yet, I watch a lot of commercials. I mean, I am fairly organized so I don't have to go to the kitchen or bathroom at every commercial break while watching the TeeVee during the day. Consequently, I catch some good and some bad commercials. Thank the gawds for the "mute" button on the remote. But every now and then, a commercial comes along that trips my imagination switch. Chevy's new "President's Day Sale" commercial has sent me on a flight of fancy. Come with, it'll be fun.

If you haven't seen this commercial, it has a fast slide show of their line of vehicles, with pics of Washington and Lincoln in the background. This montage of their product line is accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack. It dissolves, with the voice-over urging you, the prospective buyer, to come in and try out a car, with a close up and then pull back shot of Mt. Rushmore.
This started me thinkin'...just which cars from Chevy WOULD those particular prez's have chosen if they could pop into our 21st century? Feel free to disagree, this is a Free Country, thanks to them, but I'm right, you know I am, after all, this IS my flight of fancy.

GWash: Chevy's new HHR. A forward thinking vehicle for a forward thinking man. Not the same old, same old suv for our man Geo, oh NO! It's versatile, roomy and stylish. Just the thing for reviewing the troops, touring the Plantation, or taking Martha out for a night on the town.

TJ : gotta have a 'Vette, convertible 'Vette, for my Man TJ. Let's face it, the man grew hemp and cut a WIDE swath through Paris, he was a Statesman, and a Renaissance man in many ways, but he was a "Playa" make no mistake about that, I can just picture him lightin' up a hemp fat boy and takin' that monster for a night cruise. Yeah, that's the TJ for the 21st century.

Honest Abe: try as I might I just could NOT put him in a Chevy, I couldn't even put him in a GM car of and brand, I tried picturing him in a Buick, or a Pontiac Bonneville, or even one of those Oldsmobile Land Yachts, and I just couldn't do it. And a Cadillac? That Illinois farm boy? Get outta town! But when I pictured him behind the wheel of a Crown Vic, that was it. That's the car for Abe. Steady, solid, but down to earth, not too flashy.

TR: possibly my favorite Prez, that was no prob atall; HUMMER. I know it's not a Chevrolet, but at least it's in the GM fam. And I ain't talking the H2, I mean the full out, b@ll$ to the wall HUMMER, possible with an M-2 50 caliber mounted on it.

So there are my choices, pick at will, I doubt you can change my mind.


Larry said...

Washington needs a 4WD, can you get the HHR with that? Can't cruise the plantation without it.
I always pictured Abe as a Silverado kind of fellow, if you have to stick with Chevy. In basic black, if you please.
TJ, yeah, either the Vette or the SSR with the top down. Bright yellow paint on either one. V-8 required, six is NOT an option. The trunk monkey with donuts would probably be a good option though.
Teddy would probably like the Hummer, either that or a big 4WD pickup with the light bar and running boards. None of those duded up Yukons for the Big Stick though.
Good choices!

pax said...

Hey Holly ~

Ain't no need to blur out "balls to the wall" as if it had dirty words in it. Doesn't refer to body parts at all ... it's a pilot's term for max speed on take off.

The throttles for a four-engine plane have ball shape grips. The pilots will tell the flight engineer to set the throttle for take off. When the balls are pushed far forward toward the fire wall, that's max throttle -- or balls to the wall.


HollyB said...

thanks so much for the info. I am a white knuckle flyer and even tho I am married to a flying fanatic, HE didn't bother to correct my misunderstanding of the origins of that phrase. He did give me the info on the M-2 50 cal machine gun being one of the current in use on the Hummers, tho, so I won't give him any grief over not sharing everything he knows. I wasn't bold enough to call it a "Ma Deuce", you'll notice. There are limits to even MY hubris.
Thanks again for contributing to my repository of arcane knowledge.