Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Goin' Topless, Again

YIPPEE!!! It's gonna get up to at least the mid-70's today, tomorrow and Thursday's high is supposed to be a whopping 77! Yessirree, Bob! My top will be retracted today. Miss Boo's ears WILL be flying in the breeze and I AM gonna be one Happy Camper.

Meanwhile, My Friend John, in the mountains of Afghanistan, is sleeping in the mid 30's, and will be operating under a cloudy sky with a high of 37. My Cousin, Mel, in Baghdad, is working in the mid 60's. That means it is warmer there than it is for the MPD Saint Flo in MO. She's looking forward to a high today of 51, poor baby. But she and I are STILL better off than our Baby Triplet, Az. She's up in the land of misguided mountain climbers. Well, almost; she's actually in OR. But to me, that's close enough to wonder what kind of IDIOT challenges Mother Nature's mountains in Freakin' February!!! Az will be toolin home this afternoon in 41 degree weather. But at least it won't be rainy.
And that concludes the Goddesses World-wide Weather report for today.


lainy said...

Topless again! Have fun. :)

I'm at 74 and lovin' every second, except for the wind that's blowing all those allergies around. Ok, I'm a little sickly from it, but that sun feels good.

Flo said...

That's ok, I'm working for 60 today. And topless or not, at least the roads are finally in shape for me to take the little car out for a spin. Twice. To the doc and to church to get my smudge for Ash Wednesday.