Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thanks a LOT, Flo and Lovi!

That "Cold Blow Job" worked. I can just picture y'all standing on your porches, facing southwest and blowing real hard, thus sending all that cold stuff my way. As the Dearly Beloved said in his comment to my previous blog, "We had snowflakes...hundreds of 'em." However, your evil machinations were only partially successful. Since the tempeature was 33, they didn't stay on the ground very long.

Now, on to other matters of interest. I monitored my site meter for referrals from my "Topless" blog. I got some hits from that title, 4, to be exact: 2 from the UK; 1 from thre Tamil state of India; and one from Philadelphia. But I found some other interesting hits. Like the twisted puppy in Poland who used the search words: sick, nude, 12 y.o. step...Whatever THAT means. What kind of fantasies is that person having?
Then, there's the person in Corning, NY who used the words "plump buns" and got sent to my blog on spanking.
Someone in Dallas wanted to know about Dallas Hookers and was directed to my blog about Hockey, while a seeker in Houston looking for info on Texas hookers wound up at the same blog.
And,'re a "Hot Topic" in your own right, my Sistah. Someone in Longmont, CO was looking for a floozie girl and got sent to the blog I did about YOU! I am STILL lmao about that.
Well, let's see how many cooking freaks I draw with the announcement of my plans to go gather the supplies I need to make dolma and hummus tomorrow. I was gonna make Moussaka, too, but the Dearly Beloved put the nix on it. Seems he got sick after eating at a Greek buffet several years ago and now won't eat Greek food w/ eggplant. My loss.


Flo said...

Uh huh, that's me all right. I'm a hot floozie. And the first person to tell Hubby is gonna get whooped!

G Bro said...

"Hot floozie will provide spanking ..." You're just digging a hole here, ladies.

Holly, you're just proving that there's no longer 6 degress of separation. We're about 2 clicks and 1 misguided keyword search away from anybody on the planet.

Speaking of anybody on the planet, I'm pulling up stakes here in this "tropical paradise" and getting back the land of chilly drizzle as fast as I can (36 hours). Can't wait to run that airplane seat back as flat as possible, put my Eva Gabor eyemask on, and zone out.

lainy said...

I support floozies.
H. keep up the good work!

phlegmfatale said...

OMG - we've never even really gotten around to talking food, have we, Holly? I'm MAD for Greek food. I really like moussaka, but I LURVE souvlaki. Yum.