Friday, January 26, 2007

I LOVE a Party

Every January an old friend of the Dearly Beloved's has a holiday party. He waits until January to hold his party so there won't be any scheduling conflicts and he'll get a good turn out.
Unfortunately, Mother Nature put a crimp in his plans this year. The original date of the party was Jan 13. But there was an ICE storm moving through the area that day, so he sent an email out that afternoon postponing the party to the 20th. He said anyone who lived close was welcome to come on over, but the main party would be the next weekend.
Well, the 20th rolls around and a couple we've known since before they were a couple calls and asks if we're going to be home that afternoon. We are home so they come over, with their 13 mo. old baby. Turns out they had gone to the mini-party last weekend, couldn't get a sitter this weekend for the bairn, so they can't go tonight. But we had a nice visit with them and the babe. AND they are gonna have another baby come September! He has two grown daughters. She has a 12 y.o. son. And now, this will be their second child together. I am so happy for them. They said there were about 10 people at the party last week.
When we get to the party, there were about 30 folks there. It's kinda hard, really, to take a head count, because of all the movement between the rooms. You come in and there's two or three groups in the living room, then there's another couple of knots of people in the dining room. Then there's at least two clusters in the kitchen, one group is talking and another group is moving around trying to get to ice and the booze and mixers. Then, if you want a cigarette, you have to go out to the garage, and there are at least two more groups out there, one is gathered around the space heater and an ashtray there. another group is clustered around the work bench and the ashtray there, and then there's the odd group in the middle of the room. Just milling around. Looking at all our host's neato, keeno tools.
And our host is truly a wonderful guy. He circulates constantly. Makes sure there's fresh food and plenty of ice and mixers out. Greets new guests as they arrive and wishes departing guest a safe trip home. He tries to spend time with everyone. He just the perfect host!
There's just an eclectic mix of people there in terms of ages and occupations. But they all have one hobby in common. They are all shooters. Some do or have done it for a living. By that I mean they are Law Enforcement or Military or retired from same. Others shoot as a past-time. Still others are into competition shooting. Some hunt, other don't.
The Dearly Beloved and I are not one of those couples who have to be Siamese Twins at a party. We come in and greet our host together, but then we break apart and circulate on our own. I saw and visited with old friends. One woman got her MBA since last year. The Retired Marine got hearing aids since last year, but his shoulder is better. His wife is still just as lovely. I met a charming 70 y.o. SpecFor vet. His wife was at a calligraphy class. She's a teacher for DISD and is having to learn Spanish or risk losing her job. What a Crock!!! I missed seeing the former sniper who retired from Dallas SWAT. He went on a safari last year and I was looking forward to hearing about his trip. Maybe next year.
I think next year, I'll take the same libation I took this year. I had some champagne left over from New Year's, so I took it. It was nice to walk around with my own glass of bubbly in a flute. Since I forgot and left the flute there...might as well take champagne next year.


G Bro said...

Did you leave behind one of your New Years/wedding gift flutes?! Shame on you! I won't tell the Mrs.

Re the previous post, are the muscle relaxers for something new or chronic? I hope it gets better soon.

Yes I'm up late. That's why the post time looks like 1 PM. It's 3 AM here.


Flo said...

No mention of food??? You're falling down on the job. Or maybe it's the drugs. :-)

HollyB said...

No, GBro, NOT one of those flutes! just an everyday flute. I wouldn't risk one of my Wedding Flutes by taking it to a party! And the drugs are for a flare up of the chronic back problem.
And Flo, it was the drugs fault that I neglected to mention the meat and cheese platters, and the crudite plater, the chips and dips, the fresh fruit salad, the pies, the sweet potato and venison sausage casserole, the greenbean casserole, and the pigs in a blanket. I know I'm leaving something out. And it's still the drugs fault.

G Bro said...

Can I have some food and some champagne? Today I climbed 300+ steps getting into a cave that encloses a huge Hindu temple. I liked the drummers best, followed by the monkeys.

Sorry, Holly, I forgot you already told me about straining your back moving boxes.

HollyB said...

Sointinly, you can have food and Champagne! Just as soon as you get here! You know...I was remembering the other day how you and Dave-Boy used to bike to Angleton. If yue still did THAT those 300 steps wouldn't be nuttin but a "thang".
Take care.

phlegmfatale said...

Sounds like this party was a blast. I do the same thing - or I did, back when husband would go to parties - I'd circulate without him.

Wow, I can't believe DISD is going to fire that lady for not speaking Spanish - SHEESH!