Friday, December 29, 2006

New Links

A couple of days ago I told y'all about tcoverride and the blog he had done about the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed AMC.
I finally got around to clicking on a link Chuck has on his site. The link is for Soldiers Angels. I was just in awe of this organization. It started in 2003 when a soldier wrote his Mother. He was concerned because some of the guys in his unit weren't getting any mail from home. Being a kind lady, she started writing to the soldiers who weren't getting mail. It grew from there.
This organization now sends packages to wounded Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors so that when they are evacced to Germany or back to the States they will have the basic hygiene necessities, a change of undies and a blanket with a personal note of well wishes. Oh yeah and a phone card so they can call their fam. That is the single most appreciated item in the packs!
Please go to their site. Please send an email and tell everyone in your address book about their site. Even if you can't send the cost of a whole pack, or sew a blanket, or even afford the $10 for a phone card, you can take a few minutes to tell your friends about it. Maybe some of them can afford a donation.
I know that if my Dearly Beloved, or Son, or Brother was wounded, I would want him to have an Angel looking after his immediate needs. Wouldn't you?

The other new link is for a group that flys the families of wounded soldiers to whatever Military hospital the Soldier [generic term] is treating the Soldier. The group is called Veterans Airlift and that's how I listed the link. All the info pilots need to see if they qualify to volunteer their plane and time is listed on the website. The flights are no longer than 3 hours, and they only ask that a pilot commit to 2 flights in a 12 month period.
If you are a pilot, or know one, please let them know about this group. It seems like a worthy endeavor to me.

Now that I've written the blog, I have to go send an email to everyone in MY address book.


Lovi said...

Holly - I'm a member of Soldier's Angels and send weekly letters, cards and at least one package a month to each of my "soldiers (I generally have two at a time.) A friend of mine helps me with the packages along with people in the company she works for. It helps keep the cost down plus I can help more soldiers this way. All the money I've made from my blog goes into a special account used just mail packages to the soldiers. The organization is awesome and it's a perfect way for me to "do my part". I also volunteer for The "Hugs" Project. It's another group that helps soldiers by making cooling/warming ties. Since all I can do is sew a straight line (well most of the time anyway)this project is perfect for me!

HollyB said...

Good on you, Lovi. I'll start visiting your site more often just so I can click the ad!
Thank you for doing your part.