Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Group Effort

I haven't posted anything since shortly after midnight Firday morning b/c two of my three Sistahs arrived Friday and I've been waaaaay too busy havin' fun with them and their hubbys to write. BUT, having fed them biscuits and gravy this morning, I had the idea that the three of us could collaborate on a blog for your amusement.
We are having a BLAST! Six adults and three dogs in a three BR/two bath house. Now the Ben-dog is not exactly endearing hisself to Flo's little Sheltie, "Ellie". He is spending a LOT of time either outside or in the master bath. As my regular readers know, Ben is a 106# Yellow Lab. He has fallen in Lust w/ Ellie and decided she would be the perfect mother for his babies. There's just one teensy-tiny prob. Ellie doesn't return Ben's affestions. Of course, she not in "season" either. She is a quick learner, though. After snapping at his ear leathers last night, now all she has to do is growl at him and he backs off. I think she and Boo had a girl-to-girl chat on how to handle the big lug.
Cait, Flo and I are having to do our cheek massage thing. Every time we're around one another we wind up smiling, laughing and grinning so much that our cheeks get sore and we have to massage them in order to continue the smiling, laughing and grinning.
OK, I'll turn the keyboard over to Flo now...

Ok, now I'm gonna do exactly what I told Hubby that he couldn't do--gloat. See, the deal was that the first to arrive got the guest bedroom and the other couple got the air bed. No biggie, except Cait presumed that she would be sleeping on the bed. So guess who's sleeping on the bed? Ellie, of course. And her mama. And yeah, there's a tiny slice left over for Hubby.

So, as Cait would say: Neehnerneehnerneehner!!!

There, Lovi's got her curiosity satisfied.

The weather has been beautiful, so much so that we even got to ride in Holly's pride and joy with the top down! It was great! This was after the sisters had spent the day running around, trying not to create too much mayhem in the unsuspecting town. We did take a time out and allowed the guys to join us for lunch. I finally made it to everyone's favorite Mexican restaurant that seemed to be closed every other time I've been down here. Ahhhhhh, the Mexican food is one of the nice things about being back in Texas!

Of course, the best thing is being with the sisters and their hubbys. I am having an absolutely wonderful time--and the guys are, too! And we've gotten to spend time with ABG and XY, which has added to the fun. The girls and the chilluns all went out last night to a club....but Cait was the wild one there, so I'll let her tell that story. Just make sure she tells you all about what we wore, cuz we were hot!

And now, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer's Cait:

Wild one? Moi? I suppose it depends on perspective and is most certainly debatable. Thanks to Hollyb's generosity we all wore hats. Yes, hats - and not the western variety. Holly wore a lovely lilac sweater that was the perfect accent color for her purple hat. Ladies and gents, that woman can flat wear a hat - style and panache as befits a goddess. Floozie wore a cocktail hat, black with a lace facial overlay circa 1951 (see the May edition of Holly's blog for details) lending an air of mystery to her sainthood. I wore a black fedora tilted at the appropriately rakish angle as befitting a queen enjoying a rare night on the town.

As far as Floozie getting the bedroom...I knew I should've shipped my jammies and pillow FEDX last week so I would, technically at any rate, be here FIRST. Next time.....

It's wonderful to be back Home again. Did the Happy Dance as we crossed the "border" from Another State and into the Republic. Not looking forward to the return trip. *sigh*

We're celebrating the closing of the books on '06 with hopes for a better New Year all around. What better beginning could we ask for than being with our sista's of the heart? The only thing that would make this the holiday complete would be to have our absent sista, RazzMaTazz and her DB with us to ring in the new. Azzzzz, we miss you, love you and send big wet smoochies.

We went to see Max Stalling play. For those of you who don't know, Max is an Aggie. I took Max a belated Christmas present, an Aggie Santa Hat. With holly leaf clusters around the brim. He really seemed to like it. We had ourselves a really good time. All the Sistahs got compliments on our hats. Wish y'all coulda been there, but it was too crowded as it I guess it's good you weren't, after all.

We will be ringing in the New Year at home, tonight. It's also the 4th anniversary of the wedding of the Dearly Beloved and myownself. I'm so very happy to be celebrating both occasions with my Sistahs who were there when we tied the knot, in Sistah Cait's home.

Y'all have a Safe New Year's Eve, call a taxi or a friend for a ride if you need one, please!
See you on the Other side.


Lovi said...

Happy New Year! Glad to hear you're all having a wonderful time and I can now spend the money I set aside to bail you all out of jail with!

phlegmfatale said...

Hey! Happy anniversary and happy new year, honey - sounds like y'all had a blast - I'm so glad. I wish I could have been there, but I almost get a contact giddy just from reading your blog. Psst. I'm a hat girl, too.

Fallen' Angel said...

I LOVE the Aggie Santa hat! Outstanding choice in gift-giving!

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