Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Mr. Rogers! And has been all week. I've had the top down on the 'vertible every day, that's how nice the weather's been. And it's the middle of December. This is just another reason I love livin' in TX. It was freaky cold in October, well for a few days anyway. Then November was a mixed bag.
But by Monday it'll be seasonably cool and wet. YES, blessed rain! We are in the middle of a 50 year drought her in North Texas. As much as I like having my top down, and Boo likes it, too; we really need the three days of rain that are forecasted.
Boo hadn't been for a ride in at least a week, so she got to go out yesterday when I left the house. She is one stylin' puppy girl! Whenever I leave the car, she immediately gets in the driver's seat. I can't tell you how many times I've returned to the car and some stranger will tell me that she looks readt to drive away. I've got several comebacks ready for them:
  • Yeah, but she doesn't have opposable thumbs. Can't grip the steering whell without those.
  • That's why I always take the keys with me. SHe ahsn't figured out how to hotwire the ignition, yet.
  • Her back legs aren't long enough to reach the gas and brake pedals, are they girl?
  • I just wish she'd learn how to pop the trunk when I'm carrying all these packages!

If she has curled up and taken a nap because I've been gone too long, I call out to her. Once I called out, "Where's my Boozer?" This woman walking ahead of me whipped her head around and stared at me, like maybe I was talking to HER. I pointed at Boo, and said, "that's her nickname." She nodded and gave me an uneasy smile.

I'm gonna go work in the yard for a bit while it's sunny and warm. Then the dawgs get an extra special early Christmas SURPRISE! I'm gonna back the Dearly Beloved's truck into the side yard and they are gonna get a BATH! Oh, Yeah, that's gonna be fun! Thank heavens for the truck. No bending over, no wrestling them into the bathtub, no paying $40 to the groomer. Just get them to jump into the bed of the truck and suds them up and then tie 'em to a tree so they can't wallow in the grass/dirt 'til they're dry. Easy cheesy!

Y'all have fun, too.


Memphis Steve said...

So you're driving around with no top? I'd like to see that. Got any pictures?

HollyB said...

Well, come on to N.TX, Steve. I drive w/o the top almost every warm day! My Dearly Beloved just warns me to wear sunscreen in the spring and summer.

Lovi said...

It's been nice here too - not as nice as you have it - but we'll take it! Just keep sending that warm gulf air this way! My heating bill sure needs the relief!

Rabbit said...

One of my area car dealers called me yesterday; they've got a new Saturn Sky Redline in stock that's not presold. It's a very cool little car. My only drawback on it is that it has absolutely no trunk room witht he top down and maybe 2 cu. ft. with the top up...and it's yellow. Like Safety Yellow. Burn your retinas yellow. It's damned painful for me to look at.

I think I'm going to end up passing on it, and instead go with either a Corvette or a Shelby. I'm due for my middle age crisis, and SWMBO is encouraging me.

Sebrings like you own are nice, though. SWMBO always has liked them.


G Bro said...

Dang it, Steve! Stole my line.

HollyB said...

G - gotta watch those 'Bama boys! Move 'em someplace they ain't happy and they start acting up!

Rabbit, when my truck got totalled the Sky was one of the convertibles I looked at. But I didn't want Red b/c it's a ticket magnet; Black is just tooo hot; I don't like any shade of blue; and that Yellow WILL make you go blind!
Besides, I'd been lusting for the Sebring for a looong time and this one practically fell into my lap.
Hope you enjoy your 'Vette. Are you gonna go w/ a convertible?

Rabbit said...

Dunno yet. Still waiting to see/drive one of the Shelbys. I finally can get my feet under the dash of a Corvette after never having the room before...not to mention I can afford one now.

Trouble is, that damned practical Virgo inme is probably gonna end up buying a Tacoma crewcab or a Grand Vitara. Killjoy.


HollyB said...

NO, Rabbit! Do the WILD thang! Go with the 'Vette! Ot the Shelby, just get a sun roof, or have it customized later. If you can afford the 'Vette, go for it! You only live once, DO it! We'll have ourselves a little topless road Rally, and invite Floozie and her topless Miata. If you don't have a 'vertible, you can't join in the fun, and then SWMBO will be upset! I bet she would look superb in the navigator's seat!

phlegmfatale said...

To me, few pleasures of the road and the great American automobile experience rival the unbridled joy of taking my bitch along for the ride. Here's to dog people!