Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Great Blogs

I have got to tell y'all about a couple of blogs that have inspired me to write some "snail mail".
The first is written my Major Chuck of the US Army. Chuck was recently at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. While there he made the rounds and visited with other patients. He got permission to write about "3 Kings". He also posted their pics and contact info for them. My cards are going in the mail this morning. I hope yours will go out this week , too.
You can find Chuck's blog at . Please go there now. I'll wait. Now, wasn't that a great story? Those guys deserve more than a Purple Heart and the best medical care this country can offer them, don't they? I'm gonna but some of those tees to support the Laptops for Soldiers project. I have a little money I didn't spend on Christmas, and that's most definitely a worthy cause!

The other blog that made me get out my stash of unused Christmas cards was Tamara's "View from the Porch". You can find her at http://booksbikesboomsticks . Last week she wrote about sending holiday greetings to the detainees at Gitmo. In the comments section, LawDog was kind enough to post the address for doing just that! I won't spoil the surprise by telling you what Tam wants to say in her greeting, but I will tell you what MY postcards say. I chose postcards to make it easier for the security screeners. My message is: I know Jesus is considered a Prophet in Islam. Jesus still loves you. Even though you were planning to kill innocent children, he still loves you. In Christian Love, A Texan. I also sent a card to the Commander of Camp Delta {the name of the Detention center} and a 3 page letter to the guards.

Please find time in your busy lives to pop over to these sites and send a little snail mail of your own. You don't have to send mail to the detainees, and I sure hate that politically correct term. But try to find a few minutes to send mail to the wounded warriors and the guards at Gitmo. They are all serving the cause of freedom and protecting all of us. The least we can do is say, "Thank You".

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