Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas After-Action Report - Part Two

I'm a little tired this morning. Yes, Readers, even the Goddess has a human side that gets tired. Two days of Christmas celebration, cooking 5 lbs of bacon, 3lbs. of sausage, uncounted waffles, warming syrup, melting 2 lbs of Butter and keeping the house relatively clean will do that to a Gal.
But it was worth it! I think a good time was had by all. I KNOW the granddaughters had a good time. Older Granddtr helped me cook waffles and was rewarded with bacon. She takes after her Aunt ABG in that regard, they are both bacophiles. She also ferried plates from the kitchen to the dining table. She is a little Domestic Goddess. She also has extremely nice manners. Every time she opened a present from her other G'mother or the Dearly Beloved and me, she would get our attention and thenk us, and make sure she "oohed and ahhed" over it. When she opened the necklace from my Mother she was delighted. It was a tiny locket on a fine chain, and from a longer, heavier chain dangled a filigree heart. The XY offspring had gotten her a couple of crossword puzzle books and a multiplication skills book. She has just started doing xword puzzles this year, so she was v.excited about those. The multiplication book will hopefully make that skill a bit more fun. She seemed happy to get all of them. The Dearly Beloved and I gave her a couple of books for fun reading and a book about the Presidents. I told her that I expected her to have all the Prezs memorized the next time I saw her. She nodded gravely. She looked so serious, I had to immediately tell her I was teasing.
The Younger G'dtr was just a hoot, as always. Her other G'mtr gave her a doll almost as big as she is. She was carrying the doll around most of the night. It didn't interfere with opening presents, tho. She got lots of goodies, just like her Sister. Movies, books, "girly" stuff. Again, the XY offspring hit it out of the park with coloring books for her. Those two have a mutual admiration thang going on. Last Christmas they were busy coloring together, this year when she opened one of the coloring books he gave her, she stopped opening presents. It was one of those books w/ the pics outlined and detailed in "velvet". {And no, you smart-alecs, there aren't any pics of Elvis, or The Last Supper in there! } There was also a pack of markers on the cover. She wanted to immediately start coloring. Her Mommy convinced her to keep opening presents, promised her she could color once she had opened all the presents.
Those girls left with a bag about 3' tall stuffed with presents. Their Daddy left another bag sittin' in the kitchen. I'll betcha there was some tears in their household this AM when its presence was missed.
When the SNSS comes back to install the GREATLY appreciated Pfizer Pfaucet he and his Lovely wife gave the Dearly Beloved and I he can pick up that bag o' goodies. Well, the gift came with an attached tag that said, "installation included". I also got a soft, warm robe. And a photo album. I guess SNSS told Lovely Wife about the stacks of pics I was organizing to put in albums. The Dearly Beloved gave me a new pair of Crocs, in the Beach style of a dun color and an Estee Lauder train case.
The Dearly Beloved got two gun books from me. One is The Art of the Rifle by Jeff Cooper and the other is actually an essay that was written in 1875 titled The Pistol as a Weapon of Defense in the House and on the Road with a foreword by Jeff Cooper. He also got a jar of garlic salsa that he tried this morning and pronounced edible. And to whomever told him about Michael Connelly, "Thanks". He's been enjoying his books. I got him Echo Park, too.
The Dearly Beloved's 1st wife joins us for Christmas every year. She gave us a gift certificate to an Italian Restaurant here in town. Yum,Yum. Can't wait to use that one.

Well after waffles this year I'm thinking we may have to go with something more traditional next year...maybe PIZZA!


phlegmfatale said...

You know, the waffle/breakfast thing sounds just right - not everyone likes turkey, you know. Glad y'all had such a great time.

Rabbit said...

Sounds like a Large Time all around. Just got home late last night from ETX. Had a wonderful time at Mom's to the point of staying an extra night.

I'm still trying to track down valium and strong spirits to help decompress.

Went to Incubus the Elder's GF/Significant Other's family breakfast Monday. We got there in time for the second shift/midmorning crew, at which I counted at least 45 heads. We played our part as The Parents of the Incubus, to the delight of all. Incubus was unfortunately not in attendance, as he was called in to start his new paragod/firefighter job at one of the 'Burbs for Christmas day instead of his anticipated January 2nd start day.
All in all, it was a good holiday for us. Glad y'all's was too.


HollyB said...

Rabbit, we were at the little town just South of us, since the Shia Baptists and Church o'Christers always unite to defeat liquor sales in our town. Next to my LOVELY convertible was a red 'Vette w/a black rag top. Now I know you don't have to drive that far to buy booze, but I still thought of you.
Some ugly, old, bald guy w/ a gigantic drinker's nose came out and hopped in that beautiful car!
That should be YOUR ride, Rabbit, not some guy who's gonna get drunk and wrap it around a tree come next Sunday night.
So how goes the car buying decision, anyhoo?

Rabbit said...

It's going. Still haven't made a decision...too much life stuff to work on right now. Besides, I don't get in a hurry about much of anything anymore.

You could have told right away it wasn't me. I have all my hair, albeit white (take that, JG :D ), and my nose isn't that big, only bent and broken to the left, courtesy of an RX-7 steering wheel 20-plus years ago. Sounds like a terrible waste of a nice 'Vette to me. I'm kinda thinking the Sky is moving further down the list of prospects due to the absolute lack of any trunk space, but the other options are still wide open. Incubus No. 1 and his GF have a new Charger Daytona mit der Hemi, which is pretty impressive even if it does have too many doors.


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