Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Enough of This Serious

stuff, let's relax, shall we?
I've discovered Google Talk. And it's sooo much fun. I've spent about 5 hours over the last two days "chatting" with my Sistah Flo. We're trying to get our other two Sistahs signed up with GT so we can have 4-way chat fests like we used to do "back in the day".
It's better'n' therapy and a lot cheaper, too! It's even better than a phone call. You know how when you're talkin' to someone, if you're just brimming over with things to say, sometimes you keep steppin' on each other's "lines"?
Well, in Chat, if that happens, you can still figure out what they said, b/c it's there on the screen. Easy,cheesy.
Of course, I'm sure all of you have chatted at some time or another. But I have missed chatting so much.
Flo, Cait, Az and I used to chat 3-4 times a week. Not very long at a time. Sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes on a Sunday we'd go longer. But it was always a laugh riot.
And that's what it's been like the last couple of days between Flo and me {I?}. And even though we are both educated, articulate women with good spelling skills... we have so much to say and we're trying to type quickly... our typos get absurd and we wind up becoming crypto experts to decipher the TRUE meaning of what the other is saying.
And tonight I became the Goddess of Rationalizations in addition to my other purviews. Long story, but should you find yourself in need of a good rationalization or five, just drop into comments and I'll arrange to provide 5 for the ever so reasonable price of 25 cents. Just another service I offer.


Cait said...

Color me jealous. Can't get chat to download on my pos computer. Keeps telling me the google file is that should matter amongst friends? *sigh*

Love ya.

Flo said...

You know what? I DID sleep better last night after all that laughing! And the Sistahs do get a discount on the rationalization service, correct?

G Bro said...

Thats reminds me that we spent a good bit of time on the phone in high school. As in, ALL the time you weren't talking to Cathy and I wasn't talking to Dave.

DiamondMair said...

OK, Ladies {and any Gentlemen who may wander by} - the Diamond in the Rough has downloaded GoogleChat - now that I'm back on my computer {my spousal unit thankfully did not leave me hanging! LOL}, so startin' tomorrow, leave me know when to 'git'er done' ..................... hell's belle's, I'm turning ......... (SOB!) 50 on 8 December .................... :(
Semper Fi' Y'all
Diamond Mair