Monday, November 20, 2006

What a Wonderful Sunday

I had! It was productive without being exhausting, and fun, and I collected blog fodder for Monday.
I got the pile of "junque" from my old truck removed from the kitchen floor and parceled out or thrown away. Cleaned the lower cabinet doors in the kitchen so they are once again WHITE!
Found Ben's favorite self-entertaining chew toy under the Buffet while sweeping. I had assummed he'd smuggled it outside under his jowls and that it was now hidden under a pile of leaves. But the Nubbie is once again lying on the Living Room floor, awaiting his kind attention. This is a truly remarkable chew toy. Any of you with a big dog who likes to chew need to get down to...I think I got it at PetSmart, but it could have been PetCo, and get one. It's about 7" long, blue,green,and white. It had rings of revolving hard rubber thingies that move and each one has small "nubbies". Ben haas had this toy for over a year and his "Jaws of Destruction" have not been able to destroy it. It was most definitely worth every penny I spent on it. I don't remember how much it was, but it was <$10.
I also cleaned the Refrigerator doors, and rearranged all the Magnets on same. I have an amazing collection of magnets. A "David" dress-up doll I've had since my kids were in high school. A repro of the Gonzales Battle Flag. 2 pics of our older granddtr. A Capital "G" w/a pic of a gargoyle. a pic of a maniacially smiling woman w/ the caption "Being Bi+chy and Unstable is all part of My Mystique". A Bear dressed like a Beefeater. A picture of Allen Wayne Damron, my favorite singer/songwriter. A "Gibson Girl" with a dark purple wash over the pic. Firends are flowers that never fade. 2 New York souvenir magnets. A sun mounted on an amber stone. A bluebonnet spray. A capital "I" with an Iguana. "Life Is Too Short to Live Anywhere but Texas". And a bunch of others. But those are my favorites.

I had to go get some Silver Polish. While I was reading the directions, I noticed the WARNING on the label. "This product contains thiourea, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer." For some reason this turned my tickle box over. I giggled and giggled and giggled about this. "known to the state of California"!!! Not the rest of us, Just CA. Well, La Dee FRICKIN' Da. Thank you so very much, California for that news flash. I'll be sure not to use this product in your state! If you weren't overrun with smug, complacent celebrities, illegal aliens, repressive gun laws, and air you can cut with a knife in your urban areas maybe you wouldn't have to test products like this.
The label also warns the user to wear gloves. Well DUH! It's going to strip the tarnish off silver! And yet, some IDIOT, at some time was stoopid enough to use it with unprotected skin !!! They probably sued the company for whatever discomfort they suffered and now the company has to warn the rest of the brain damaged.

Back on the home front, we had a pleasant surprise at supper time. My son had called Friday to ask if he could use the Mom Motel for the weekend. One friend was in town from Austin. Another was having his quarter-century B'day party, and he was gonna do the Am-gard battle thing on Sunday. He made time to sit and visit between all of his social engagements. When he found out what I was making for supper, he allowed as to how he could stick around long enough to eat before goin' home.
We're in the kitchen talking while I'm cookin' and I suddenly remember to tell him he was supposed to have called his big Sister that morning. Oops, my bad! Since she was about 4, she's had this weird, and I mean "dee,dee,dee,dee,deedee,dee" weird ESP where he is concerned. Maybe 45 seconds after I say this, my cell phone rings. The dearly beloved answers it, and it's the Baby Girl. So the Son takes the call, tells her I'm cooking waffles, bacon and sausage and to get hers buns over here, double quick. I take a pic of my Son and send it to her camera phone.
She had been in town for a baby shower, and so she shows up just about the time the 2nd waffle comes off the iron and goes to the Dearly Beloved. The BOY had taken the 1st one. She gets the third, Son gets the 4th. BTW, he's 6'6" and I think he's up to a whopping 180 lbs now. I would KILL for his metabolism!!! Also, he prefers peanut butter on his waffles and pancakes, to syrup.
We had a good time, eating and laughing and playing with the camera phones and talking about Thanksgiving. We are gonna have sooo much fun. I really enjoy my chirrens. And isn't that the way it's supposed to be?


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your chirrens, too. Hugs and kisses all around--but only on the cheek for DB.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful family you have! BTW, with all that cleanin'you'd been doin' lately - you got time to run up this way and help me out?!?! Have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

You can use aluminum foil, baking soda and hot water to convert the black silver sulphate back to silver; you'll still have to polish it to make it shine but it'll save a little wear and tear. Jim.