Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Takin' A Break

for Thanksgiving. I'll be finishing up my cleaning today and start my cooking tomorrow. Today will be my last blog 'til Friday. But I want to wish all of y'all a very Happy Thanksgiving. And leave you with some of my thoughts before I take my break.

First, as I've said before, I am not a good housekeeper. Today I must destroy all the "Dust Sculptures" around the light fixtures and picture frames. Other people call them cobwebs, but that's just because they have no imagination or too much time on their hands. These are people who clean regularly and never allow these collections of dust and spider silk to accumulate into an avant-garde art form. I do have some truly remarkable ones. In the kitchen, around the central light fixture, there is a beautiful one, all lacy and very intricate. I'll truly miss it. There is an arch that separates the living room from the hallway. I have some "holly" stained glass, a dragon chime and a mermaid chime haning from the arch. They all are decorated with dust scuptures, too. At least the chimes ringing when I clean them will make a pretty noise and generate some positive feng shui!

Second, WTF, with If I Did It ? I sincerely hope every penny from that book goes to the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson. Any Lawyers want to weigh in with how long that civil judgement they got is in effect? How terrible it must be for those poor children, to know their Daddy killed their Mother!!! Is he actually raising them? And I don't think I've ever heard more self-serving bushwa than that spewed forth by his publisher. The last time something that sickening came out of a woman's mouth, Linda Blair's head was spinning around!

Third, is anyone else a pleased as I am that Nancy Pelosi lost her first "power play" in the House? WHAT was she thinking backing a slimeball like Murtha? If this is the kind of leadership we can expect from her, we are in big trouble.

Fourth, the Dearly Beloved was playin' with the Ben-dog the other night and landed a truly amazing shot. Michael Jordan couldn't have done a better job. Ben has a cantalope sized ball that is called the "holey" ball. I took an old sock and tied it through a couple of the holes so that is has a tail. This way we can play tug, or throw it and he'll run down the hall and bring it back, and then we play tug and fetch and growl and he just loves it! Slings his head side-to-side and everybody has a good time. So, DB had the ball by the tail and is gonna throw it down the hall, but when he lofts it over Ben's head, it hits one of the blades of the ceiling fan. The fan wasn't turing at the time, luckily. But the tail wraps around the blade securing the ball to the top of the blade. DB said he couldn't do that again if he threw it a thousand times.

Fifth,The things that will destroy America are prosperity at any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first, the love of soft living and the get rich quick theory of life. -- Teddy Roosevelt I first said it here back in May, but it bears repeating. TR is fast becoming my favorite president. Go back and check out my 5/19/06 blog on immigration.

Sixth, speaking of blogs...how many of y'all went and checked out Roswell,TX at Big Head Press? How are you liking it? I've got another site for you to check out. If you have a friend or family member who is serving or has served in the "Sandbox", you might find "Sanctuary" interesting. It's at www.ejectejecteject.com The SNSS told the Dearly Beloved about it, then he told me about it. It will take a while to read the whole thing, so settle in with comfy clothes and a big beverage of your choice. But it is well worth the read, IMHO.

Remember my Hallmark addiction? Well, in all this cleaning I've been doing, I've come across three different stashes of cards I'd forgotten I'd hidden away. And Pictures. OMG, the pictures! After all the fam has gone back to their respective homes this holiday I'm gonna sit down and do some albuming. I LOVE looking at old pictures. It just takes me back to when I was there. Looking at fam or friends I haven't seen in years and remembering when the pic was taken. What we were doing when the pic was taken, what it smelled like, what the food tasted like, how happy we were, how tired we were, how FULL we were. It's just marvelous. Putting them in albums is a project I've been putting off waaayyy too long.

Did you know you can use dental floss to un-stick a pic that has been glued in an old photo album? Yeppers, I've tried it. You have to do it slowly, and use waxed dental floss, but it CAN be done. Oh, now I'm excited. SO that's what I'll be doin' Friday and Saturday. Making up photo albums and planting my spring bulbs.

I've got this really cool template of yellow crocus in the shape of the "Yellow Ribbon". I'll have to prep the ground this weekend with some newspaper to kill off the weeds and section it off with some bricks, but that's OK, I got plenty of bricks and plenty of newspaper. The newspaper will just enrich the soil, as long as you just use the black and white stuff, no slick or colored print. Which is fine, I save the funnies for gift wrap for my Granddaughters. It gives them something to read while the wait to open the present.

I've run out of stuff to "say". May y'all have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.


Cait said...

Happy Thankksgiving to all of Hollyb's family! Never thought I'd say it but "good on the Dem's" for sitting on Pelosi from the get-go. That's one power-trippin' woman...

Enjoy your break and we'll see ya on Friday! Hugs and smoochies!

Anonymous said...

Geeeeeeeeeez! None of us could keep track of all the subject changes and what we wanted to say. Except Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Love and hugs!

Rabbit said...

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. About noon tomorrow I'm heading due east to the Sabine and meeting up with the rest of my clan. Back maybe Sunday, since I'm going to possibly work in some hog hunting.

See y'all later. Enjoy!


HollyB said...

Cait, I know all of my fam says "HT" back atcha, since they all luv you!
Flo, is the "us" all your personalities, or all my readers? HT to all your Fam.
Rabbit, heard on the news tonight there's a feral hog pop in TX of 2 million, git some! And have a nice Thanksgiving w/your Clan. Didn't know you were from a fam of kilt wearers!

Anonymous said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanskgiving! I'm looking forward to reading how it went on Friday!
BTW - I read ejectejectject and it's truly humbling. A glimpse into what's real vs what the media shows/is allowed is definitely food for thought

Anonymous said...

Yes'm, "us" is all of my personalities. I kind of think of most of your reader's as my family too, so HT to all of them.

phlegmfatale said...

Wow - what a great and informative post. Happy Thanksgiving, darlin'! I'm pleased to have met you through blogging this year, and I'm still planning on that trip out west with you and Tam! :P