Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm About to Reach 1K Visits

OMG, I am bouncing and gigglin' like a preteen with a WonderBra!
Sometime tonight or tomorrow morning, 14 more folks will view my li'l' ole blog and I will hit the one thousand mark!!!

Now for someone like Tamara at Books,Bikes and Boomsticks, or PhleghmFatale at Fatale Abstraction; or LawDog at the LawDog Files my big news is old hat. BTW, you can do a blogger search and find all these fine writers here on blogspot. They've been keeping me entertained for quite some time now. And they are very good at what they do.

But I just started my Blog back in May. And until LawDog and my SNSS linked my blog to their blogs I probably could count my readers on one hand. So I owe them a BIG Thank Yew! Consider yourselves thanked, guys. And thank yew, too, Flo for putting a link on your Blog. And Walzilla, thanks,guy. Love your pic!

I read all those bloggers everyday. So, if my opinion counts for anything, check them out, if you haven't already. You can find the SNSS' blog at: One of these days I'll decipher Blogger's hyroglyphic like instructions and post some REAL links to these folks blogs.

And on my other writing front... I did a word count today for NaNoWriMo. I have written 3950 words towards my 50K goal for the month of Nov. If I meet my goal, I get a certificate and an icon suitable for posting online here and in next years contest if I enter.

Gotta go crank out another 1,000 words or so on the novel.


G Bro said...

Congratulations! I just checked and it says 1002!

Flo said...

Hooray and congrats! I think I might have hit 100. :)

HollyB said...

Flo, are you checking all the pages, Honey? Scroll down, there's more than one page. And, besides, you've been doin' this less than a month. Give it time.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, toots! Just goes to show folks know good reading when they see it. Proud of you, darlin' and keep it coming!

phlegmfatale said...

Aw, shucks - thanks for the compliment, and congratulations on some much-deserved traffic. And yeah, it IS a big deal. I joined blogger in about 2002, and only posted sporadically for the first few years. In fact, I probably didn't hit the thousand mark until about a year or so ago. Keep plugging away on your writing. I need to knuckle down and write a book of my own, but I'm such a ditz. I actually started posting on my blog daily to get myself into the writing habit, as it is therapeutic and helps me to have a more organized mind - one of my great challenges in life, apparently.

Anyway - Well Done, Holly! I'm proud of you. It won't be long before we're celebrating #2000!