Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'll Get back to Parolee Stories, BUT First...

I have to egotistically obsess just a little longer about the blog.
Trout Fishing in America has a song titled "Who Are These People?" That's what I'm wondering when I go to site meter and click on the 'location' tab.
This morning, somebody in Spearwood, Western Australia visited my blog! Were they lost? Looking for a cobbler recipe? Researching voting trends in Texas? Trying to find a good place to eat in Galveston? Searching for a Texas Music reviews? What?

And who is reading my blog in Phoenix? Unless the parents of one of my offspring's significant other are reading, OR the folks who send me my prescription drugs are interested in my scribblings, I don't "know" anybody in Phoenix. Boo and I cheer on the Phoenix Coyotes, but that's another blog topic. So who are you? Wayne Gretsky, could it be? Be still my pitter-patting heart!

And while I have friends and Fam in Arkansas, Missou, and Oregon, I don't know anybody in Fayetteville, Eugene, Portland, Branson, or Blue Springs. Thanks for reading, y'all. Drop me a comment, just a one liner if the mood ever strikes.

Westbrook, Maine do you know Stephen King? just curious. He's the only other person I know OF who lives in ME.

Power, Montana- how is it up in Big Sky Country? I've never been there, but always wanted to go. I think the Dearly Beloved has been hunting up there in the past. Maybe after my novel sells, we'll come up. I'll blog about it so you can schedule some time to meet us, if you like.

Monterey, CA- I KNOW who you are. Love you!

Los Alamos and Potomac, I've got a super bright neice working for NASA. She's an IT whiz! Wanna try to hire her away?
Mobile, Jimmy Buffett's home town! Welcome!
Chicago- are the Tsavo lions back on display? I won't come visit if I can't see them.

And then there's all those Northern tier states: Michigan- Troy, St. Joseph, and Dearborn; Wisconsin - just Eau Claire; PA - Altoona and Bellwood [sounds pretty, is it?]; Indiana- just Indianapolis.
And over in the Pacific NW we have the Washington State viewers in Seattle and Vancouver.

Last, but certainly, not least- Ft. Thomas, Kentucky. Now is that a town or an actual Army base, like Ft.Hood or Ft. Leonard Wood?

Now I know that there are other readers, b/c I've seen them on the site meter in the past. But it only lists the last 100 when I click on the location tab. For instance, I remember a visit from individuals in Indonesia, Milan, and some other far flung place like Okie City.

I thank you, one and all. I'll keep writing, even if Flo, George and Dian are the only folks I know are reading. I like writing. It's a good mental exercise. But I won't deny the Site meter is one great ego stroke.
I just have one last question: Who is reading from Lewisville?


cait said...

Yeah, just goes to show you love Floozie and Dian more than me. So, if I'M not reading your blog perhaps I'm channeling "one" of Flo? Harumph....

Love from the sister who used to love you best....

HollyB said...

Well, see, my evil plot worked, didn't it? Got a comment out of you! Neenerneener!

Kimberly said...

Came across your blog following links from Lawdog's and your SNSS. I'm one of your WA state crowd.

Anonymous said...

Your Phoenix reader is a former JPO in Maricopa County. Love the stories (been there, done that!)

Lovi said...

There's nothing like a good cup of coffee and my "blog-rounds" to start the day! I thanks ya!

Flo said...

Nosy, aren't you? At least it got a couple of your questions answered!

I turned my SiteMeter off a while back when I was trying to figure out how to keep it from tracking my own visits, even though I was following the directions. Not sure if it's taken care of yet, but I'll turn it back on one of these days, to answer your question at my blog. (And last I looked, it was all the way up to 136, but that was counting my own last visit.)

HollyB said...

Phoenix, thanks for satisfying my curiosity. That is one really pretty county name! What does it mean?
And I am really glad it's NOT my potential future in-laws reading. My poor child would NEVER get to walk down the aisle if they were reading some of these blogs, I fear.

HollyB said...

Are you Vancouver or a caffeine -jazzed reader from Seattle?

Anonymous said...

Maricopa is named after a local AmerIndian tribe.

Same County where Sheriff Joe Arpaio makes the inmates wear pink boxer shorts.

Anonymous said...

Okie City! Here I am! and blame LD for it! Love his blogs and he recommended your or mentioned it at least. Enjoy!

The Pagan Blacksmith!

Kimberly said...

Everett WA, a little north of Seattle. I'd have really freaked you out if we were still at my darling husband's last duty station--Spain.

HollyB said...

A Pagan Blacksmith! How interesting! I got into a very deep discussion one night with a Wiccan about Pagans and Wiccans. He was trying to convince me all Pagans were Wiccans, and I took the position that all Wiccans might be Pagans, but all Pagans were not necessarily Wiccans. I had a bit of an advantage since he was drunk and I wasn't, but such is life.

And Phoenix, I hope that Sheriff is a good one. I like his pink boxer policy.

And Kimberly, thanks for the reply, I'm endlessly curious.

G Bro said...

You know TFIA? Cool!

phlegmfatale said...

I just LURVE Trout Fishing In America, btw. You know I'm an Arkansas girl, don'tcha?