Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wow! 300 BILLION Americans

and according to my pretty prism box at the very bottom of the page, 63 have read my blog since Sunday!
LawDog bribed some middle-school MagicElf Box Master to install a Site meter on his page. Then he told my SnotNosed StepSon how to do it. The SNSS told me, sort of, how to do it. Then I managed to follow the simple, written, step-by-step directions and install one on my blog. Yippee!

Now I know that more people read my blog than just Flo and GBro and the other, occasional commenter. I am so pleased!

While I was busy on the 'puter last night, the Dearly Beloved was watchin' the TeeVee, and picked up an interesting piece of trivia. We are now a minority. That's correct. As a married couple, living together, we are a statistical minority.


Flo said...

What are you considered if you're a married couple, but not living together? I'm anticipating the day our mansion is built, I get upset with MY dearly beloved, and send him over to the dog house.

Do you think LD could teach me how to put in a site meter thingie? I'm afraid that from him to SNSS to you, something would get lost in the translation.

Then I suppose you'll tell me I have to get a blog first, huh?

HollyB said...

Floozie, blogspot is so nice, I bet they'd even let a former Hooker like YOU have a blog.

You could write stories about how you met your Hooker hubby;
and how scrumptious he looked in his Hooker outfit. Shoot, you could even post some pix of y'all in your matching Hooker outfits, just showing us the backs, that's the best view, or so I'm told by the Queen of Freakin' Everything.

With all your personalities, you could just let a different one have the keyboard every day, and then you would never run out of stories, or get tired. Plus, you'd always be surprised when you read your own Blog.

Flo said...

You're just too funny. Lookie what I did: My Blog

cait said...

I always read your blog - just don't always add my two cents (more like a buck-fifty!). Sometimes I even check back two or three times in a day to see if you've posted something new!

Floozie - great link but NOT to your page...can one of yourselves be more specific.

And, duh, men in flight suits ALWAYS look better in the rear view :-)

HollyB said...

Uh, y'all, the Dearly beloved pointed out that I made a mistake. The current U.S. population is 300 Million with an "M", not a "B".
Hey I majored in Social Work, not math. I haven't had any math type class since 1972.
Cut me some slack!

Flo said...

Fine. I KNOW I put the correct html stuff, I guess I'll have to do it as a mere mortal. Copy and paste this one: http://flying-flos-forum.blogspot.com/

And lemme tell ya, Cait, unless you were ...uh, big, GALS in flight suits look better from the rear, too. Of course, I'm only speaking of myself. Quite a few pounds ago.