Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Ladies in Red Social Club

Yes, this is another Parolee story.
Chanel is one of the two female parolees I briefly mentioned in my last post who actually admitted her guilt. In fact, she not only admitted she had done what she was accused of doing, she was actually proud of having done it! I inherited Chanel from one of the other Parole Officers in the office when I started. She told me Chanel was a little "quirky", but basically not a big problem... as long as she stayed sober and didn't have any marital problems.

Those of you who read a lot of crime fiction or true crime books or watch crime shows on the TeeVee or who have worked in the criminal justice field may be familiar with the term "Misdemeanor Murder". Chanel considered her crime a misdemeanor murder. Before she came in for her first office visit, I took a look through her file to familiarize myself with her criminal history and background while on parole. She'd gotten 10 years on a plea bargain for Murder. She got out on Parole after doing 5 years.

Chanel was at the Ladies in Red Social Club one Saturday night. After having a few Salty Dogs, she felt like dancing. Lacking a partner, but never one to be held back by convention, she gets out on the dance floor by herself and proceeds to boogey down. Another patron of this establishment, who evidently thought she was a superior dancer and thus in a position to sit in judgement of Chanel's terpsichorean skills, committed what proved to be a fatal error. She began to point at Chanel and laugh. And Chanel, in her own words:

That just pure dee pissed me off. So, I reached down in my boot, pulled out my .25 and put a cap in that Bitch! She quit laughin' after that, I guarandamntee you.

And Chanel returned to her table. Set the gun on the table, ordered another Salty Dog and waited for the Po Leece, as she called them.

Talk about an open and shut case.


G Bro said...

Some people are self-parodying stereotypes! Are you sure she wasn't a friend of Huggy Bear's in Starsky & Hutch? If I shot everybody who criticized my dancing.......

HollyB said...

You dance? Ive know you since 196?{number deleted for the sake of our vanity}, I knew you during the age of Disco and I have no clear memory of you ever dancin'. Maybe there IS something to those reports of some of those chemicals messin' with your short {or was it long} term memory?

G Bro said...

Dang it! You caught me! I thought I could get away with that one, but you were paying attention. Chemicals? What chemicals? ;-) I don't remember any chemicals!

G Bro said...

Sometimes the quick retorts are slow. How about:

"Do not mock me! In my tribe, they call me "Dances with Kitties!"


Chanel's muse must have been PERPsichore!