Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Do NOT ask me why I got up a 6:11 this morning b/c I don't know. My internal clock has gone wonky.
But since I AM up this early I'm gonna blame my Sistah Cait. She called me y'day afternoon to thank me for a couple of CDs I burned for her. She's been stuck in another state for 26 months now and is desperate for all things TEXAS.
Since I love her, I burned her about 40 songs of Texas music. One of them starts off with Ray Wylie's "$cre- You, We're from TEXAS" and the next track is "Bob Wills is STILL the King" by Waylon. There's also songs about the Alamo, and San Jacinto, and GaryP's anthem "What I Love About TX" and a Zevon song with the wonderful lyric "...or we'll never get out of East TX alive." And of course Max Stalling's great road trip song "I-35" which is better known as "Comfort in the Curves". Man, I LOVE that song on real loud with the top down, cruisin along the highway.
Since she and I are both huge Allen Damron fans, there's a bunch of his songs on there, esp "Aurora,TX" ; "Twin Sisters"; "The Alamo"; "Come to the Bower"; and "I Love Texas Song". Gosh, as I was typing that I realize how much I miss Allen, the memory of his laughter still makes me smile.

Cait is busy today with Family Readiness Group stuff. She's been an Army wife for almost a quarter of a century now. She takes great pride in being married to a Soldier. I have another Sistah of the Heart who is also an Army wife, and she is just as proud of her guy. This is not a recent phenomena. They have been proud of their spouses' service to our country in times of peace as well as times of conflict. Both of these men have earned the rank of Colonel, btw, but they refer to themselves as soldiers.
Every month Cait edits a newsletter for the FRG. One month she included a little blurb to help them remember the ranks of generals. Because, and even though I was raised in an Army town, I didn't know this, General ranks don't follow normal "ranking" . So, here you go:
Be : Brigadier General = 1 star
My : Major General = 2 stars
Little: Lt. General = 3 stars
General: General = 4 stars
Now this may seem simplistic, but I think it's cute. And Cait said she was amazed at the number of wives of Officers and even Senior NCOs who didn't know how to differentiate among the ranks of the generals. So now you civilians know how to tell what kind of General a general is.

Well, I promised my youngest brother I'd do some stuff for him last weekend that I didn't do and I've got some yard work that needs doing so I guess I'd better quit procrastinating in front of the keyboard and go do something REALLY productive.

Y'all have a great weekend!


G Bro said...

Congratulations on your early productivity! On the other hand at our house, YKW couldn't sleep and was reading until 4-ish. So I barely dragged out of bed in the last hour and don't think I'm long for the conscious world. Any good football on today that I can sleep through?

Flo said...

I still think back to OCS when I see a general's star, so I can remember which kind they are. Funny the little things that help our memories. I'll have to ask the kids if they still teach Every Good Boy Does Fine and that the Great Lakes spell HOMES.

Cait said...

Darlin', whenever you write you are being productive! The other stuff is simply extraneous bs that takes time away from the fun stuff - like writing your blog.

BTW, Floozie, thanks for reminder about the Great Lakes - I'd totally forgotten about that. Then again, I don't spend a whole lot of time thinking about the Great Lakes either, LOL!

Anonymous said...

You think Army ranks are fun, try Navy:
Lieutenant Junior Grade (JG or a jig)
Lieutenant Commander
1 Star - Rear Admiral Lower Half (formerlly Commodore)
2 Stars - Rear Admiral Upper Half
3 Stars - Vice Admiral
4 Stars - Admiral

phlegmfatale said...

If I were married to a soldier,I'd be really proud of him, too. Good on your friends!