Monday, October 30, 2006

My Brain-Dead Weekend

Yeppers, even yours truly turns off the grey matter now and then. This weekend was one of those "thens".
Last week was a tough one on several levels. Mentally and emotionally it was draining because I've been working on my novel. National Novel Writing Month Starts Wednesday. In order to get a certificate and an icon I have to write 50k words during the month of November. Should be an interesting month.
Physically it was a taxing week because I've been carrying all the weight around here. The Dearly Beloved and I used to share the tasks of Dog care and if I cooked, he did the dishes and so on. Well, he's been gettin' over an accident so I've been doin' pretty much everything. He's coming along nicely in his healing, by the way, I know lots of you will ask, Thanks in advance. But in the interim, I'm a tired girl.

So I had a weekend of R&R. My Younger Bro who lives closest came over with his sweet wife, my FAV Sister-in-Love on Saturday. He and my XY offspring spent the afternoon hanging a new gate across the driveway. While they were engaged in this manly chore, my SiL and I went shopping for some stuff she needs next weekend and for Christmas.

I had said I was just gonna help her, BUT, hey when something jumps off the shelf and grabs you, and it's something you NEED, and it's 50% off, WHAT are you gonna do? I HAD to buy it! So I got something for the Bro working on my gate, and something for the XY child, and something for the XX child, just to be fair, and a B'day card for one neice that's just perfect, and a Christmas ornament for another neice, again it's abso perfect.

I LOVE getting things for fam and friends that suit them perfectly. I don't normally start my Christmas shopping this early, BUT this year I was in Austin in July and the Hospital Volunteers were having a jewelry sale. I couldn't pass THAT up. So a couple of gifts were purchased then. In August, a craft store here in town had a gignormous sale, so the grandkids got a couple of presents. And on and on. Except for some stuff I'm stitchin', I'm practically done with my Christmaas shopping! I'm amazed! This just isn't my usual mode of operation. I'm turning into my, my, Grandmother, or at least my StepMom! Jeez!

And, then, to borrow from FlyingFlosForum here on blogspot, the switch from DST back to CST on Sunday just sent my biorhythms into their semi-annual tailspin on Sunday. I absolutely abhor two days every year, and I have since 1968 or so. That's when I first noticed how the change affected my body. It will take me about a week to recover from the wonkiness. I actually prefer Standard time. Sure, daylight savings time "gives" you more light in the evening, IF you're a grownup. If you're a kid, tho, it bites having to go to bed when it's still light outside. And having to get the instruction book out of the glove compartment to reset the clock in my car twice/year is another pain. And I do NOT wanna hear from you gizmo whizzes who have it memorized and don't have to look it up, don't even bother me with your superiority. I am NOT in the mood!

So, how was your weekend?


Flo said...

My weekend would have been perfect, except my brother came over yesterday, my day off, so I had to get dressed! Argggggggh!

And since I'm lazy, I'm going to comment on your next post that I've already read and say that I will be looking for a card soon!!

cait said...

Weekend was okay fine - until late Sunday afternoon. Prior to that I played "ketsup" - grocery store, haircut, gas station, cooked my few remaining brains out (pot roast, chili, spaghetti, rice cassarole) for the coming week. Cleaned EVERYTHING including dumping out the contents of kitchen canisters and polishing them til the glass fairly sparkled! It was tres satisfying if not a little OCD.

Sunday afternoon we rec'd word that the son of some very good friends of ours, the father happens to be my husband's Commanding Genneral, was killed in an car crash. Late 20's with young children. Very sad and our hearts are aching for them. For those of you out there who have children, don't forget to have "I love you" be the last thing you to say to them on the phone, in an email or when they walk out the door -even if you're not particularly liking them at the moment.

HollyB said...

Oh, Cait, phone call on the way

phlegmfatale said...

ya know, my body never adjusts to any time schedule, so it's all the same for me. I hate it, just the same. After a few months, I'll finally have all the clocks adjusted, and then I'll have to switch 'em back!