Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Lamented Absence and what caused it

My ego is about a size Huge and you can all thank "gbro". I got an e-mail from him asking for a blog. Evidently, he's going into withdrawal or something, LMAO.

Anyhoo, a couple of days after my last post I was a wreck. Er, um, I mean, I HAD a wreck. And it wasn't even my fault, dangit. No, it was NOT!!!

I'm gonna get real paranoid about August if I have a wreck next year in August. For those of you who don't know, or don't remember, I got rear-ended in August of '05. Now I've had a wreck in August '06. I swear, I'm seriously considering public transportation or hermitage for August '07 !!

Mother and I were driving West on McKinney. A Dingbat, in a tearing hurry, was sitting at the stop sign on Crawford and couldn't wait for the Van next to me to finish his turn onto Crawford. If she had waited, she would have seen me. But, as I said, she was in a hurry. For a change, I was driving the speed limit, I braked as hard as I could, and even swerved a bit into the East bound lane, but I still hit her. The air bags deployed, the seat belts did their jobs, and Mother and I were shaken, not stirred or broken. We were however bruised and strained in our necks and transported to the ER on backboards and with hard C-collars.
Those devices would have come in very handy during the Inquisition. Trust me. if you've never had the pleasure, avoid them at all costs.
Actually I told a fib above. Mother does have a small fracture. Her left humerus is broken just below the shoulder joint. And the left hip, thought it was the knee, but the Bone Doc says it's the hip referring pain to the knee, is real sore.
Dr. Blair, the Bone guy, says to expect 6-8 weeks of soreness.

The way I know this wreck is not my fault? you may be wondering... The other driver left the seen with three, count them 3, tickets. The first was for Failure to Yield the Right of Way, thereby causing the wreck. The second was for having an unrestrained child in the car. "Well, gee Holly, how did the Occifer know that child was unrestrained?" You might ask. He knew that bairn was unrestrained because that child was small enough to need a child seat and there was no child seat in the car, that's how he knew!!! Would anyone care to guess for what the third ticket was issued? No, Flo, you already know, that's cheating. OK, Law Dog, quit bouncing in front of your keyboard, you know I'm gonna call on you. Yes, that's right, "Failure to maintain financial responsibility" otherwise known as NO FLIPPIN' INSURANCE.
I am so glad I never got around to cancelling the full coverage on the truck. I still had uninsured motorists coverage as well as rental reimursement and towing coverage.
State Farm totalled my little truck. But I was expecting them to. My poor little Ranger was a '99 model and had 131K miles. And the wreck broke the front axle. How that happened at <30 mph I do not know.

But, do not despair, my faithful readers there is a happy ending.



G Bro said...

Obviously I read the new car entry first or I'd know the answer to my question. I am so glad your injuries were not worse. Is your mom's arm in a sling or anything? (Not much else they can do for humerus fractures as I recall.)

Everybody - keep the uninsured motorist coverage!

Holly - congratulations on not leaving an orphan on the roadside. Maybe the airbag blow to the head stopped you from shooting that idiot.

HollyB said...

Thank you G. Although I am a bit chagrinned to admit this publicly, I was shaking so much in the immediate aftermath, I don't think I could have drawn my LEGALLY concealed handgun from my purse, much less aimed and hit a target.

Although, she presented a perfect target, leaning in the passenger door. Wouldn't have hit anybody but her. But her little boy would have seen it. Even I am not cold enough to do that!!! Besides, she was no LONGER an immediate threat to Mother or me since she wasn't behind the wheel of her car!!! That would have been againt the LAW!!!
As a matter of fact, I must have been in shock, the thought of shooting her didn't even cross my mind. Not even when I found out, in the ER, wearing that dang C-collar, that she had no insurance.
Just because I am prepared by carrying doesn't mean I always think of using it. Besides I know you were just teasing.
Love you.