Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Dream Car

I finally own my DREAM CAR !!!

Well, me and Chrysler Financial, anyway. {yeah, yeah I know the grammer sucks, but it sure is colloquial, ain't it?}

I have lusted for a Chrysler Sebring Convertible, a silver one, ever since they came on the market.
I was in Killeen last week for the funeral of a life-long friend and family member {by marriage}for the last 20 odd years. While I was there I went to a dealership owned by a family friend. I had gotten my poor little totaled {see "My Lamented Absence" blog} Ranger there, and got a great deal on it. They only had one car they I both liked and could afford. So I took the salesman's card and promised to call, if I didn't find anything at home.

That was Friday. My Mom's brother at her house when I got there Friday night and he suggested I check the paper Saturday morning. I didn't expect to find anything, but sure enough, there she was, my dream car! And the ad said: "6Kmi; $13,855" Well, my heart started going pitter-pat, pitter-pat.
I called and made sure the mileage wasn't a misprint. I simply couldn't believe an '04 Sebring with mileage THAT low for a price THAT low. But the salesman, said the actual mileage was 6700 miles. Oh yeah, that extra 700 miles is gonna be a deal breaker !!!

I got directions to the lot, a dealer's used lot. And got myself down there an hour after they opened.
The first question I asked was : "Has it been wrecked?" No.
Looked under the hood: Clean, no rust, no dirt, no oil stains, no frayed wiring, no loose belts.
Looked in the trunk: lots of room, jack under the tiny spare tire, clean carpeting,
good tread, practically new looking Eagle tires.
Vinyl Soft top, with aninsulated headliner to cut down on heat/ac loss and road noise.
Cruise, remote entry, remote trunk release, power locks, power mirrors, power windows, CD, 30mph on the highway, only used 3/8 tank from Killeen to Denton {so it gets better mileage than my Ranger} Oh and this is so freakin cool, when you press the button to lower the top, all 4 windows automatically go down.
The interior is black cloth, which I actually prefer. But Miss Boo WILL be riding on a sheet.
The only things it didn't have were an ashtray and cigarette lighter, but it had a plug. So I bought a lighter and a small ashtray that fits in the cupholder. But I'll get another "Bobken", that way the ashes won't blow around and get the upholstry and carpeting messy.

I am in automotive heaven.


Lovi said...

Congratulations! I'm so pea green with envy though- I LOVE those cars!!!
Drive happily!

G Bro said...

Congratulations! There is nothing like a new car. I'm sorry about the circumstances that led you to get it. Are you recovered?

Flo said...

Thanks, gbro, but could you write her a little more often or a little sooner? I've been visiting daily, like a true loyal fan, but left unfulfilled. LOL

Holly, we're going to have to get together and take pictures of the two of us with our dream cars. If I can ever lose this weight, I might be able to fit back into the leather coat I got to go along with mine. In the meantime, you check the stores--now's a good time to catch the sales!

Doris said...

congrats!!! that is wonderful!

phlegmfatale said...

There's nothing quite like driving off the lot in your dream car. Congratulations on achieving one of life's superlative moments!