Monday, July 24, 2006

Until Yesterday's Slow Chase West On I-20

I was gonna post some recipes that folks always rave about when they pause in gobbling them down.

Then some Yahoo with a pistol, bless his twisted, black, malignant heart, kidnaps a woman semi-truck driver and her little dog,too. This saga started up in a little North Collin County community named "Fairview".

Since I didn't get up 'til about 9 this am, I didn't catch the local news updates, and at 10pm last night they couldn't confirm what I'm about to tell you. So don't take this as gospel, althought it does sound plausible.

Seems Mr.Whacko had called his sister on Saturday and told her he was gonna commit "suicide by cop" and "go out in a big way." Or so one of the local newsies was told by a caller purporting to be said sister.

Don't ask me WHY said sister didn't bother to pick up the phone and warn somebody at some police agency that her brother MIGHT be contemplating putting himself and innocent members of the public and police officers at risk of injury or death. I do not claim to have the understanding of these types of Whaco families. Unless,perhaps, she didn't have anything better to do on Sunday than watch her Brother lead the Police and news choppers on a multi-hour, multi-jurisdictional, slow speed chase from Fairview down through Collin County, into Dallas County, down Dallas North Tollway, somehow winding up in an Oak Cliff neighborhood and parking in a dirt lot for a bit.

The kidnapper had been driving, or so reports said up to this point. While they were parked, he and the Lady driver/owner of the Semi-rig changed places and she got behind the wheel. When a Dallas Pollice officer approach the rig, the Whacko made the Lady hostage drive off.

She made it onto Industrial, and from there onto I-20 and it's Westward, HO! On We GO.

At some point, and I'm not clear on this, but I think it was while he was driving on the city streets in Oak Cliff, spike doobers, were thrown in the path of the rig. They punctured the front tires of the rig.

So this Lady hostage drives for 3-4 HOURS, at speeds estimated between 5-25 mph from East Dallas all the way to the Tarrant/Parker County line.

And that's as far as I got on the original post back in July. The the computer went into paralytic spasms, then I got sick.

Now back to the story:

While this woman is bravely driving through Dallas and Western Dallas County, every lowlife with access to a news broadcast is lining an overpass on I-20. And these brain-damaged souless creatures are actually cheering this criminal on in his kidnapping endeavor.

The Lady truck driver is crying, trying to keep a semi with two blown out front tires going reasonably straight down the highway. She's doin' a darn good job of it, I want to note. Especially when you consider she is trapped in the cab with a madman pokin' a gun in her ribs, and a pack of cheering animals in Human suits cheering from the overpasses!!!

When they cross into Tarrant County there was one drastic difference immediately noticible. The cheering crowds dissappeared. The local "Constabulary" didn't want any innocent bystanders blocking the shots of their snipers. Evidently, Mr. Whacko Kidnapper/Truckjacker had this same thought run through his addled mind. He started crouching under the dashboard of the truck about this time .

He would peek over the top from time to time, then disappear again. Rather like watching a turtle stranded in the middle of a busy highway, to my way of thinking.

The professionalism and poise of the Lady driver was head and shoulders above that displayed by other so-called professionals on- and behind the camera that day.

The next time there is a breaking news story that monopolizes the airwaves of your local television station, find an LEO, preferably an intelligent one, and watch the unfolding story at their house.

The Dearly Beloved and I were concerned with the driver's safety, of course, but we simply could NOT help ourselves when the talking heads would babble on and on and on. If I had been running that OP, instead of the Dallas SWAT, that Yahoo would have had his brains splattered all over the cab of that Lady's truck by the time he got to Arlington.

My opinion of the intelligence criteria used for promotions in the Dallas PD took a huge dive after a couple of Lieutenants were allowed to speak to TV reporters. These men must be good shots, because they certainly are not well acquainted in using the English language well. Sadly, it seems to be their Mother tongue.

The television reporters, I refuse to dignify their positions by calling them journalists, were only a couple of rungs above the Police LTs on the Language- Use-Ladder. I have rarely heard more banal, trite, useless questions asked by pseudo professionals. I kept channel surfing hoping to find more intelligent coverage and finally had to settle for the local NBC affiliate. Then they got bored with the chase and return to covering a beauty pagent.

Cut to the dramatic end of the chase:

The Lady truck driver has made it to the Western edge of Tarrant County. The Dearly Beloved and I have just said, almost in unison, "That Yahoo better hope this ends before they get to Abilene. They are gonna put a hurtin' on him if he gets that far". And low and behold, a DPS car pulls up on the Drivers side of the truck, a Trooper leans out with a mini-14 and empties a magazine into the tires of the trailer. A few stray rounds also pierce the gas tank on the passenger side of the truck, but I honestly think that was an accident.

The Lady is able, through truly superior driving skills, to slowly bring the truck to a stop on the left shoulder as all those tires are going flat.

She and the Yahoo trade a cell phone back and forth a few times and then her door pops open and she jumps out and runs like the dickens to the waiting arms of LEOS who drag her to safety. She leaves her door open and her little dog jumps out shortly after she does. It runs around for a little while, and I found out later they were later reunited.

Very shortly thereafter, Teargas is fired into the cab of the truck. Yahoo jumps out, arms over his head, eats grass, and is promptly on the bottom of a gignormous pigpile!!!

The next day, Yahoo's Daddy is on the news saying his son did it b/c he was having problems with his wife. BUT, follow up stories revealed he had hijacked two other cars that day. Real nice guy, huh?

One of the Daughters of the Lady driver was also interviewed. She lambasted the overpass cheering squads. I hope someof those animals felt at least a little bit of shame if they heard her, but being a realist I doubt it.

Tune in tomorrow when I ask the burning question "Who IS responsible for disarming Hezbollah?"

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