Monday, July 17, 2006

My Opinions on Israel and Texas Musicians

Okey Doke. Try to keep up. I know this is a strange combo of subject matter, but it's where my mind is today.

The Israelis have been under threat of annilation by their geographical neighbors since they became an independent Nation/State. Hezbollah started this current brouhaha by kidnapping IDF soldiers and attacking sovereign soil with military hardware supplied to them by nations hostile to Israel. My guess is Syria and/or Iran.

Now that Hezbollah, and unfortunately some non-combatant Lebanese, are getting themselves soundly outfired upon, they are crying to anyone with a camera and micropone, "Those evil Zionists, they always overreact to everthing!!!"

What a gignormous load of horse hockey pucks!!!

Back to those non-combatant Lebanese... I feel a very small measure of sympathy for them. They were in a civil war for 15 years. But then so have a lot of other third world nations. They had begun to get their national act together, but they made a terrible error. They sheltered terrorists within their borders. They allowed those terrorists [Hezbollah] to attack a militarily superior neighboring nation that the government should have had the foresight to know would strike back with just the measures the Israelis are now using. If the citizens and the government of Lebanon are that danged stupid or blinded by hate, then they deserve every bad thing the Israelis rain down upon them.

OK, now for the second half of today's title.
I have some specific Texas musicians in mind.
The first I want to talk about is someone many of you have heard or at least heard of from me in the past : Allen Wayne Damron.
I am proud to be able to say Allen was a friend of mine. I first heard him back in '88 or '89 on a date with the Dearly Beloved.
He visited in our home and we visited in his. His music has soothed my soul when it was sore. Others have made me happier, or made me cry with the pathos of the human condition. I have shared his wonderful style of storytelling and singing with friends and family of all ages all over the state and country.
When the Dearly Beloved and I were on our honeymoon, Allen and Marie [his wife] took us out in the desert to see Indian medician circles and collect fossilized seashells. We always had a wonderful time with Allen, whether we were listening to him sing, or tell stories or shoot.
One of my favorite songs of his, "Just a Sign" will be sung at my memorial service.
I will always miss his presence in my life.
His website is or if that doesn't work go to and roam around until you find his name. Marie is in the process of rereleasing all his titles on CD.

Robert Earl Keen is an Aggie. His music ranges from country to Americana to bluegrass to Tejano Rock. Thanks, Art for suggesting he get some vocal coaching. His songwriting is positively inspired. He can write songs satirizing Texas life and romanticising it. And he writes wonderful love ballads. Go buy yourself a copy of "What I Really Mean". You won't believe how haunting a banjo and clarinet can sound together, but then I've always been queer for banjo music. I'm sure he has a website, but I don't have the addy, try google.

And last, but certainly not least, is Max Stalling, another Aggie.
Max is another excellent songwriter. Educated, clever lyrics; good dance music; love songs that make women wish she was the gal, and men wish he knew the gal. "Comfort in the Curves" is the song that first caught my attention on the radio. Then I heard "The Pila Song"; "6x9 Speakers"; "Dimebox, TX"; "Running Buddy"; and so many, many more. I can highly recommend the following CDs: "Live at Dan's Silverleaf : Sell Out"; "Comfort in the Curves" and "Wide Afternoon".
His website is :



G Bro said...

Lebanon's "army" is actually weaker than Hezbollah. To say that they "let" them stay there is like saying the Irish "sheltered" the British. It's like saying that it's an Italian's fault for letting a Mob shootout happen in Little Italy. But you're right, the Israeli retaliation will kill civilians. I don't agree that they necessarily deserve it. You figure we can export some bumper stickers that say "Don't mess with Israel"?

My word verification to post is "elaozil". Is that some kind of new wonder drug?

G Bro said...

You got me thinking about Texas musicians. Ifound these folks in the Texas Misuc Hall of Fame. I think I could tolerate a tune from almost any of them!

Scott Joplin, b. 1868, near Texarkana, ragtime composer

Mance Lipscomb, b. 1895, Navasota, blues musician

Blind Lemon Jefferson, b. 1897, near Wortham, blues musician

Bob Wills, b. 1905, near Kosse, "King of Western Swing"

Tex Ritter, b. 1905 (?), Murvaul, western singer

Gene Autry, b. 1907, Tioga, Western film actor and singer

T-Bone Walker, b. 1910, Dallas, musician

Lightnin' Hopkins, b. 1912, Centerville, blues musician

Dale Evans, b. 1912, Uvalde, Western film actor and singer

Ernest Tubb, b. 1914, Crisp, honky tonk singer

Lefty Frizzell, b. 1928, Corsicana

Ornette Coleman, b. 1930, Fort Worth, jazz

George Jones, b.1931, Sarasota, honky tonk musician

Willie Nelson, b. 1933, Fort Worth, singer, songwriter, guitar player

Roger Miller, b. 1936, Fort Worth, songwriter

Buddy Holly, b. 1936, Lubbock, rockabilly songwriter

Kris Kristofferson, b. 1936, Brownsville, singer, songwriter

Freddie Fender, b. 1937, San Benito, tejano/country artist

Waylon Jennings, b. 1937, Littlefield, honky tonk musician

Trini Lopez, b. 1937, Dallas, folk singer

Janis Joplin, b. 1943, Port Arthur, folk/rock singer

Sly Stone, b. 1944, Dallas, funk band leader

Roky Erikson, b. 1947, Dallas, psychedelic musician

Ray Baca

Joe Patek

Roy Orbison

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Phil Ochs

Thankfully, ZZ Top and Steve Miller are not listed.