Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thank the Gracious Lord I'm not Corina Belle or

A Hutto Hippo. Or A Killeen Kangaroo.
In an old edition of The Book of Texas Lists, Hutto and Killeen are #1 and #2 on the list of weirdest school mascots.
And while I am not a Kangaroo or a Hippo, I must confess a 1st degree of separation to several Roos and and 2nd degree of separation to a couple of Hippos. I have a Niece graduating tomorrow from Hutto, and her older brother graduated four years ago from Hutto.
The Roos to whom I am connected are: my Daddy; Mother; LoveMother; all 3 StepBros; and all the Cousins on my Daddy's side of the Family, and some on my Mama's and LoveMom's side; and then there are all the friends I grew up with in Killeen. If Mother and Daddy hadn't split, I'd have been a Kangaroo instead of an Aldine Mustang.
And if we hadn't lived on the boundary line between two High Schools I'd have been a MacArthur General like my older Brother, Douglas and my friend George. I also have a friend, Doris, who is a Robert E. Lee Rebel.
The Dearly Beloved is a Bellaire Highlander.
So write in and tell us all what you are.
And the Corina Bell in the Title line you ask? Well my grandmother, Cora, and my Mother's Aunt Faye Belle put their pointed little heads together and came up with that name for me. Thank the Gracious Lord Mama and Daddy decided on Holly. I think I'd have turned out a lot differently had I been Corina Belle.

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