Thursday, May 25, 2006

Friday Night Gods

Well, give my Great Aunt Hannah's left hind leg a break and tell her "sorry".
Have you heard the latest Pearl of Wisdom from UIL to save to poor egos of baby football players? If a team wins by more than 50 points their coach will be suspended for the next game.
This sanction is intended to spare the feelings of inferior players. We certainly wouldn't want the little darlings to experience humiliation, or shame or the agony of defeat. Oh No! Not That! That might be entirely too much like the REAL WORLD. We must protect them from the REAL WORLD. After all, they are on the field of athletic competition, they are dressed like athletes, they have trained like athletes, they've got their 'game faces' on like athletes, their testosterone levels are pumped {like other male athletes, [Thank ya'Lord] }, and they are ready to go!
Gettin' your A$$ whupped is part of competition!!! I think it will, unless the team is a total bunch of talentless wankers, make them want a win even more the next week or the next season, or the next year.
After all, somebody's got to be the losingest team in the league's history.
If your kid's on that team, DEAL. Pull up your big girl panties and get over it!!!

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G Bro said...

Spoken like a woman with a long history in competitive athletics! You tell 'em, Flo Jo! ;-)