Friday, August 29, 2008

Vote for LawDog!

WAAAAAAAY Back at the first of the Year, I nominated the 'Dog for some awards. 4 to be exact over at the Blogger's Choice Awards.

Now, y'all do YOUR parts and get yourselves over there, log in [or register]; then use their uber convenient "Search" box. Cut and paste LawDog's url from his page into the box and click on "submit."

Then you can pick whatever category you wish to vote in FIRST. Just make sure you vote in all of them.

Can I make it any easier for y'all?

Oh, and then do the same for Daniel's Big Trip, here on blogspot...remember, the Army veteran who took his med. school summer vacation to see the country he'd served for 11.5 yrs. Yeah, vote for him for Best Travel Blog.

And then tell all your friends to come vote.

Remember the Motto of political machines everywhere: Vote Early; Vote Often!


Christina RN LMT said...


Home on the Range said...

Lawdog's the best. A reader named MP nominated mine, but with all the great blogs out there, I'm not holding my breath. Still fun to see all the great blogs up and running.