Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday Shootin'

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I know I promised this particular blog several days ago, but I got stalled by Real Life.
So without further ado, I give you a description of the rootin' tootin' shootin' good time we had at the cow pasture we like to call a private shooting range.
Fortified by a hearty breakfast, and having taken the time to inspect all the weapons for cleanliness...Bless You, Law Dog! The 5 of us: LawDog, Bayou Ren. Man; La P; the Dearly Beloved and I trucked [ and I do mean pickup trucked] on out to the range.
'Dog had a new lever action he wanted to put through its paces and Rita had been gifted with a Mossberg 20 gauge by BRM, that she needed to learn how to load, shoot and unload. So I unfolded my chair, sat in the shade of the truck, sipped on my blackberry tee and watched for a spell. Once the initial rush of trigger pulling madness had passed, I retrieved my camera from my new range bag and approached the firing line, taking this pic on the way.

Please notice LaP's footwear. That is her new pair of boots, y'all. The ones y'all helped with. Aren't they just the bee's knees?
The 'Dog loaned her his “Please Don't Shoot ME!” hat for the day b/c he thought MY straw ventilated “garden” hat looked silly. Yeah, right 'Dog, at least it MATCHED her outfit.
This is a close-up of LawDog's head wear:

I tried to get the Dearly Beloved to take a pic of the back of MY Aggie cap; or for Law Dog and I to stand side by side and and have him take a pic of our Aggie hats, from the back of course, and see if y'all could guess which hat belonged to which blogger...
Dearly Beloved said, “I'd just as soon folks didn't know you wear that, Darlin'.” I swan, it is a measure of how much he trusts me, that with all those heavy objects close to hand, My Aggie-lovin' hand, he knew I wouldn't pick one of them up and throw it at him.
here's one of Bayou Ren Man having some fun:

Here's LaP, after shooting LawDog's new rifle:

...think she enjoyed it?
Then she got to start handling HER new Mossberg:

And here she is with that shotgun from another angle:

Bayou Ren Man had some modifications made to this little gem. But I'll leave it to him to tell y'all all about that. Suffice it to say, it's a NICE firearm. At least Ms.Fatale seems to think so, judging by that grin.
In this shot, her OTHER instructor gives her some pointers that day:

Why I've never gotten a pic of THIS tee before I will NEVER know...but I got one that Sunday. And doesn't my Darlin look GOOD, too?

I hope y'all enjoyed this little peek into our afternoon of fun.


Christina RN LMT said...

"...and a fabulous time was had by all!"

THAT much is obvious, you lucky things!

Great pics, but where are YOU?

Love Phlegmmy's boots, and your hat added just the right touch, too.
Oh, well. What do men know about fashion, anyway? Your DB is an exception, of course...just check out his awesome shirt!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pic's. La P is so cute! Love the boots and rest of her attire.

Glad a good time was had by all.

g bro said...

When do you go "shoosting" with Lisa and Oliver Douglas?

HollyB said...

That is LawDog's hat she's wearing. MY hat matched her outfit MUCH better!
CBL, when you're the don't get to be in the pics.
G- when Lisa and Oliver come back from the dead and show up in the pasture. ;p

phlegmfatale said...
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phlegmfatale said...

Hols - What a fun day that was, and we lucky gals surrounded by handsome men and boomsticks- Thrills! Next time, though, I'll have to make sure we have an image of YOUR bad self to include so people get the full picture. Good times. Thanks so much for your hospitality and for taking me out to the range. I always have the best time with you peoples!

SpeakerTweaker said...

And I just HAD to miss that...


Won't make that mistake again!


breda said...

Phlegmmy is the cutest cute that ever cuted. Seriously.

And, Holly - you must be the master of persuasion - you actually were able to capture LD on film. YAY YOU.

Peter said...

Breda, that's not the only photograph of Lawdog. We have quite a collection . . . but he's threatened us with murder, mayhem and assorted other pleasantries if we publish the one of him in the pink gorilla suit!


Matt G said...

I posted a picture of LawDog, over a year ago. ;)

Looks like a good time. Glad I mowed out there the week before.