Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunrise Over the Mountains

8:45 a.m., Sunday

Johnny got up at 6:45 and it was still dark outside. He woke me about 7:15 and the sky was brightening. On the other side of the mountains the sun was up, but we wanted to see it as it rose over the Wild Horse and Willow mountains to our east.
While we waited for that hot, bright orb, we enjoyed another coyote concert. We heard, off to the South, what sounded like a hoarse burro. Turns out it was actually a dove. I know the quail out here are referred to as “Mountain Quail” so I'm calling this a “Mountain Dove.” We also saw the cotton-tails from last night and later, a big, probably buck cotton-tail.
At my behest, Johnny went inside and brought two grape tomatoes and a piece of bread out for the bunnies and bird, respectively.
About 7:45, the sun made it's appearance over the ridge. Once it was in sight it rose quickly. When we came in at 8:30 the food was still out there. If we keep leaving little bits maybe Tuesday or Wednesday we'll get to have more company.
On our drive yesterday, there were buzzards in the road. Johnny honked his horn as soon as he saw them and they flew away. When I first started comin' out here with him, I was puzzled by this. He explained that buzzards will evacuate their alimentary canals as they fly off when startled. In order to avoid a mess of most likely very corrosive material on your vehicle, it's best to warn them of your approach. This particular bit of lore had escaped my ken until then.
Need to go make sausage and biscuits, back later.


Christina LMT said...

Trust me, the critters will come if you leave food!

Farmmom said...

I always enjoy the wildlife. Watching them is always so calming.

Crucis said...

I am not a morning person. Frequently, in the Spring and Summer, the local birds will start yammering just before dawn and will wake me up. I'm a very light sleeper and this is a trial. One of these days, I'm going to reply with some 7 1/2 shot.