Wednesday, September 23, 2009


...I don't think so.
The Emancipation Proclamation was signed in 1863. For those of you not good with math, that's 146 years ago. The Emancipation Proclamation effectively ended slavery.

The Supreme Court heard Sipeul v. Board of Regents University of Oklahoma in 1948 [61 years ago]. That decision, which also effected the State of Mississippi, ruled that black students must be admitted to all white law schools. In 1950 [59 years ago] Sweatt v. Painter had the same effect on Texas law schools. Thurgood was the lead lawyer on Sipuel.

Another Marshall case was Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka. In 1954 [55 years ago] that ruling declared the policy of "Separate but Equal" public education facilities were unconstitutional.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 [45 years ago] prevents discrimination based on race OR gender.

Now, if the currently accepted standard for a generation is 25.2 years, then it been:
5.7 generations since it was legal to own slaves;
2.4 generations since it was legal to bar black students from law schools in Oklahoma or Mississippi;
2.3 generations since it was legal to deny black students admission to law school here in Texas;
2.1 generations since the Separate but Equal doctrine was struck down;
1.78 generations since the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

If there were still any slaves 1.78 generations ago, I could see paying reparations to them and their families.

If there is a black American in this country who still thinks they are slaves, or second class citizens it is because they have not availed themselves of the educational opportunities afforded them by some of the above legislation.

If a black American feels they have suffered discrimination at their job they can contact the EEOC [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] and if their claim has merit, the EEOC will take legal action against the employer on their behalf.

So, let's have no more talk of reparations.


Crucis said...

I saw a similar theme via an e-mail. I did some checking on Snopes and it was labeled TRUE.

I've forgotten who gathered all the original data. I'm 1/8th Blackfoot. Does that mean I get some money from the Cherokees?

What? That doesn't work? No Reparations from the Cherokees?

Seems just as valid as Blacks or Afro-Americans, or whatever is the current PC label, claim for reparations.


Old NFO said...

Agreed Holly!