Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama's Social Justice Plans

I was watching Glenn Beck today. [Yes, Pat I do watch Beck even though he's on Fox.] I've found the issues Beck raises are well researched. He doesn't speak FROM emotion, but he does speak WITH emotion. The part of today's [Tuesday, September 22, 2009] episode that caught my attention was a blackboard Glenn had on the set showing the President's ties to Social Justice, Socialists, Marxists, Communists and Black Liberation Theology. I got so distracted by these points, I started googling and wikiing and only half paid attention to the rest of the show.

Obama has said himself he was mentored in his younger days by a Communist. He has said he sought out Marxists college professors for his education. He has worked with Socialists in his quest for Social Justice.
The term "Social Justice" was one concept drummed into my head by Fannie Belle Gaupp [RIP] when I was an undergrad. One thing that struck me then, as now, is how closely Social Justice, the political philosophy resembles Marxism. Our president [yes, I consider him "Our President" even if I disagree with him on most issues.] has stated that he has worked for Social Justice most of his adult life.
Wiki defines social justice in this way:

Social justice is a term that is used euphemistically to describe both a philosophical debate and an important issue in politics, religion and civil society. Most individuals wish to live in a just society, but each political ideology has its own concept of what constitutes a "just society". The term "social justice" is often employed as a euphemism by the political left to describe a society with a greater degree of economic egalitarianism, which may be achieved through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or even property redistribution, policies aimed toward achieving that which developmental economists refer to as equality of opportunity and equality of outcome.

Can anyone tell me how these strategies are NOT being implemented today?

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Crucis said...

Today, September 25th, is the anniversary of the adoption of the Bill of Rights into the Constitution in 1789.

The actions, words and policies of Obama and the democrats is an affront to the Constitution. Call them as they are. Marxists, thieves, frauds and liars.

Good on ya!