Monday, August 31, 2009

TTFN, Perhaps

I've been distracted, preoccupied, busy, in pain, depressed and otherwise engaged for the last several months.
Knowing I'm NOT writing for my blog when I could be, just leads to guilt.
I'm thinking of taking a blogcation. I'll get back to y'all in a few days with either a decision.

an old friend called me Sunday night. I was at the birthday dinner for one of my Grands so I had to listen to his voicemail message, after the party. He had called to remind me of a little "Ditty" he'd told me about YEARS ago. He also asked that I erase the message so he wouldn't endanger his status as a Liberal by being found out.
I give you "The Ted Kennedy Lament"
to be sung to the tune of your favorite Irish tune.

Your brother is dead,
and your brother is dead,
and your brother is dead.
Your sister's retarded.
You killed a young girl.
You cheated at Harvard.
Your wife is a lush and
Your son has one leg.

Seems a more fitting eulogy than the tripe spouted at various memorial services.


Farmmom said...

Love the Ditty!

As for taking a blogcation if that's what you need to do then by all means do it. We really enjoy your posts but sometimes life interferes.

Take care of yourself and we will get along fine. Then you can come back better than ever.

Crucis said...

Take the time you need. I usually post 5-6 days a week and IT'S HARD!

Regarding the ditty, they missed the part where he committed treason with the Soviets to undermine Reagan. Dems want that swept under the rug.

JPG said...

Those sensitive and oh-so-fitting lyrics are sung to the music of "The Irish Washer Woman."

Old NFO said...

Works!!! :-) Enjoy the vacation, we'll be here...

Brigid said...

Thanks for the email, I've been lax in checking on here as I knew you were taking some time off. Take whatever time you need. We'll be here when you get back.


phlegmfatale said...

That ditty is side-splitting. I love it. 'specially retarded and Harvard rhyming. *snerk*

I love you, you fabulous thing!

Gardenqueen said...

Self-proclaimed bleeding-heart liberal here. I've always thought that Teddy Kennedy never paid an appropriate price for his crime. Oh, and by the way, do your kids have any fatal diseases I can mock?