Saturday, May 30, 2009

What I've Been Doing

I've been very, very busy. I've worked in the yard the past several days. Mowing, pulling some weeds, making a barrier around the Elm tree, picking up sticks, picking up pine cones from the dead tree we had cut down last Spring, etc, etc, etc. 

I acquired a NEW skill. We have an electric mower, and there is a large shady area on the South side, outside the fence filled with fallen tree parts, big and small. On the west side of the house the area between the fence and the street has a rather sharp incline. Not wanting or able to use the mower for fear of damage, we needed to weedeat those areas. Normally, the Dearly Beloved does the weedeating. And he did part of the shady area Thursday. Friday morning I went outside, while he was off shooting with son Matt and taught myself how to use the weedeater! I also, having watched Dearly Beloved re-thread the sting Thursday, did that for the first time. 

I am SOOOOO proud of myself. This ranks right up there with good grades and learning how to drive. I was so excited I called my Big Bro to tell him. His reply? "I'm so glad that college education is serving you well." But then he's a guy, always been good with that kind of stuff, has had a superb looking lawn for 25 yrs, and is a sarcastic poopy-head.  

I've finished the mowing and will go out and finish the weedeating is a bit. THEN I get to dig. I love diggin' in the dirt, planting stuff. I got an ornamental pear tree Thursday for $9.98. That's a darn good price for a 9' tree. It was looking wilted, but two days of saturation has improved that. Once I get it out of the pot in which it is no doubt root bound, I think it will improve even more. I also have mondo grass to plant around that American Elm tree I mentioned above. Then
it's onto the coral honeysuckle and potting the Sweet Potato plants in a hanging basket. That honeysuckle will get planted close to the Confederate Jasmin I planted Monday. 

I'm gonna have some beautiful, and aromatic areas in my yard. Pictures to follow.  


Old NFO said...

Looking forward to the pics! At least you're home enough to actually HAVE things that can grow, other than weeds... sigh...

Christina LMT said...

Wow. ALL your fingers must be green, not just your thumbs!

HollyB said...

My fingernails have dirt under them, too. I wear gloves, but it works its way through the gloves.